Evidences for a young Earth 
(and universe) that's approximately
6,000 years old (not billions)

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This is not a comprehensive list of evidences of a young earth.  As time permits this list will be developed into a much more detailed one.


Biblical evidence

Biblical evidence

How long is a "day" in the Bible

Is the age of the Earth a "trivial" doctrinal point?


Scientific Evidence

‘Young’ age of the Earth & Universe Q&A

A summary of a few of the scientific evidences

Geology and the young earth

Mount St. Helens video

Does the allegedly slow growth of stalactites and stalagmites prove the earth is older than 6,000 years?

Starlight and Time book - more links about the author Dr. Russell Humphreys, including a radio interview where he explains how the outer edges of the universe may indeed be billions of years old, and the earth be less than 10,000 years old, even though both were created at the same time!  

Rate Group reports major advances

Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth book