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In the Spring of 2001, your university will be featuring a course titled "Geology confronts Creationism".  You will be required to do some Bible reading and visit several creation science web sites as part of this course.   Some of what you will be exposed to from the evolutionism perspective is highly misleading and inaccurate.  We encourage you to dig a lot deeper in seeking out the opposing views to evolutionism than what this course will offer you an opportunity to do.

A few cursory looks at some web sites and Bible verses will not come close to providing an adequate opposing view to counter years of one-sided indoctrination in evolutionism theory and dogma.  We encourage you to continue your investigation far beyond this course, and to invest in some good books and videos the present the opposing views from both a Biblical and a scientific perspective.  It might also be very helpful to attend an Answers in Genesis seminar in your area.  See this link for a schedule of when/where they will be held.

For starters, we'd encourage you to visit the web sites listed on this page.  They'll provide some additional perspectives on some of the materials you'll be examining as part of this course.

Geology and the young earth
Geology Questions and Answers
http://www.icr.org/cgi-bin/search/search.cgi (look for Geology related articles)

Answers in Genesis has already published a response to some of the past comments by the same professor who will be teaching this course.  See:

Are hardgrounds really a challenge to the global Flood?

Concerning the Bible:

Do Genesis chapters 1 and 2 contradict each other?
Warning from God about Evolution (note the important role that the science of geology will play in deceiving people about the truth of creation).
How long is a "day" in the Bible
Christian compromises with evolutionism

Another thing to consider is the religious beliefs of all of your college professors who teach evolutionism.  Many who disagree with creation will readily point out that creationists have religious biases that influence their interpretation of the observable evidence (that's true, we do).  What they usually will not tell you is that their own religious and/or philosophical biases influence their interpretations as well.  Some educators have even won awards from humanist organizations for their work in promoting humanism and atheism through the teaching of evolutionism.  See these links for more information:

Humanistic, atheistic influence on the education system
How Religiously Neutral are the Anti-Creationist Organizations?
Evolution is Religion
Religious-Scientific Bigotry in the Public Schools and Scientific Careers

  We'd also strongly recommend that you get the following materials.  After reviewing them, you'll begin to understand why it's so important to think critically, and to question the core 'beliefs' that evolutionism is built upon.  


Evolution: Fact or Belief?
Fingerprints of Creation
Mount St. Helens
The Young Age of the Earth


Creation Geology
Creation's Tiny Mystery
Field Studies in Catastrophic Geology
Grand Canyon: Monument to Catastrophe
Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth
Rightly Divided: Reading in Biblical Hermeneutics (Bible interpretation)

You also might want to take a look at the outstanding work that young earth creation scientist  Dr. John R. Baumgardner has contributed to the science of geology.