The evolution of Whales is a whale of a fairy tale

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  The Columbus Dispatch's science reporter recently ran one of their typical one-sided pro-evolutionism fairy-tales about what he considers to be proof of evolutionism.  According this article,  new evidence of whale evolution was supposed to be a big blow to creationists.  He succeeded only in demonstrating to the public that the reporters at the Dispatch aren't real reporters when it comes to the issue of evolutionism verses creation.  They're propagandists.  

The Dispatch continues to promote the dubious science behind evolutionism.  They continue to deny the truth that evolutionism is actually a religion.  Their attempts to promote the idea that evolutionism and "religion" don't really conflict with one another is in fact deceiving the public about what the Bible actually says about this matter.  

The following links provide information that refutes the whale evolution fairy tale.  We encourage you to read them and see what the Dispatch apparently doesn't want you to see (they rarely print opposing views to evolutionism in their paper except for an occasional token letter to the editor).


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