Walking with Dinosaurs: Fact or Fiction?

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  The Discovery Channel has been airing a series called "Walking with Dinosaurs". While graphically appealing, this series was filled with misinformation, speculation portrayed as fact, and heavy evolutionism propaganda. In many cases, there is virtually no evidence whatsoever to support claims made in the series, but viewers are not told that. Even some evolutionists are saying that the producers went too far with their blind speculations. Answers in Genesis Ministries Group conducted interviews with various scientists to critique the series. See the links below for the results. We highly encourage you to visit their web site for what Paul Harvey would say, "the rest of the story"...

'Walking with...untruths!'
Dinosaurs - Video Webcasts
Dinosaurs - Audio Webcasts
Disney 'Dinosaur' Movie Review

We just added a new page to our web site that presents evidence that will demonstrate just how inaccurate the Walking with Dinosaurs documentary actually was. To see this evidence, visit: Evidence that Humans and Dinosaurs lived at the same time.

One way evolutionists try to prove that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago is by where the fossilized remains of dinosaurs are found in the strata. We will be airing a video titled Evolution: Fact or Belief? from May 2 - May 13 that casts doubt on their ability to use the strata to date anything. To see when this and other Creation Science programs will air, visit our Creation Science programs on Community 21 page for more information.

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Some Bible Verses concerning Dinosaurs

Genesis 1:23-27 Dinosaurs and Man created on the same day
Dinosaur in the Bible: Job 40:15-24 (Behemoth)

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