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We have about 1,000 pages on our web site.  The top seven most popular ones are:


#1 creationists.org/spirits.html

An examination of what the Bible has to say about various occult practices including spirit contacts, reincarnation, etc.  The end of the article features links and other information about how to get help for yourself or others who are involved in such practices.


#2 creationists.org/dinosaurs-humans-coexisted.html

An look at the biblical and scientific evidence that humans and dinosaurs co-existed at the same time, and that some dinosaurs may still be alive today.


#3 creationists.org/cults-new-revelations.html

A discussions of how the alleged holy books other than the Bible came into existence, and why their claim to be new revelations that supersede the Bible are false claims. Also a discussion of how we can know that the Bible is indeed true revelations from the true God of the Bible.


#4 creationists.org/ufos-and-aliens.html

A look at what the Bible has to say about UFO's and aliens, and warnings about why the demonic realm is behind some of what is going on.


#5 creationists.org/comfort-from-grief-bible-verses.html

Bible verses that provide comfort to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or friend.


#6 creationists.org/how-to-test-the-spirits.html

How to test the spirits.  Want to know if a particular belief system is a cult or is real Christianity?  This link examines the many ways you can test what "spirit" is behind the doctrines in question.


#7 creationists.org/ancient-alien-history-channel-rebuttal.html

The History Channel has been airing a series the past few years called "Ancient Aliens". While some of the evidence they've uncovered about past contacts between humans and alleged "aliens" is interesting, this link examines why the conclusions they're coming to are all wrong.  Their series contains subtle attacks against the authority of the Bible, and heavily promotes the UFO/alien phenomena as "aliens". This link takes the position that there aren't any aliens from other planets, but that it is likely that some witnesses are indeed coming in contact with superior life forms - demons.




























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