The Genesis Solution book and video 

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Many Christians today put a great deal of time and energy into spiritual warfare for various Christian causes like:

  • eliminating abortion

  • stopping/reversing the gains of homosexual activists

  • eliminating pornography, etc.

While these are all worthy causes, they are often just symptoms of a much larger underlying problem.  These same beleaguered Christians have often resigned themselves to the idea that every victory is probably a short-lived one, and that the battle will need to be fought all over again in the near future. They often find themselves wondering where all this opposition is coming from?  It didn't used to be this way.  How can so many people be so blind?   They even see some of their fellow Christians now doubting things that a generation or two ago most Christians were certain about.  What happened, they wonder?

Listen to this 2-minute RealVideo excerpt for the short answer to these questions. The excerpt is from a video called "The Genesis Solution".  There is a sister book by the same title.  We believe this book and video are among the most important ones that  Christians can own today.  We encourage all Christians to get copies and to share them with others.  They are inexpensive and make great gifts.  Consider donating copies to your local public libraries if they don't already have them.  To purchase the book or video, visit these links at

Genesis Solution book

Genesis Solution video
Book Video

The Genesis Solution book and tape are condensed versions of a more in-depth book titled "The Lie: Evolution".  To purchase this book, visit this link:

The Lie: Evolution book

Click here to read Chapter 4 of "The Lie: Evolution" in its entirety. 

Click here for a 49-second RealVideo clip about it.

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