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Legal Opinions from the Christian Law Association

Legal Opinion from the Christian Law Association
Free legal opinions for teachers and school board members


Scientific Surveys

81% of Americans favor teaching creationism in the public schools (Gallup Poll)
Results of 50 surveys on creationism in the schools (some involve Ohio State University)

From the Answers in Genesis Ministries Group

NEWS RELEASE: Evolution out of the curriculum, but in the tests (position statement included)

From the Institute for Creation Research

Should evolution be immune from critical analysis in the science classroom?
Biologist Dr. Gary Parkers' story: From teaching evolution to becoming a creationist
Science education its methods and purpose
Proposed California Science Framework
A Comparison of Students Studying the Origin of Life
Evolutionary indoctrination and decision-making in schools
Does academic freedom apply equally to secular and humanists and Christians?
Teachers can teach creation science in the classroom
Origins beliefs among American Science teachers (Revised)
A path for excellence in K-6 science
Biology textbooks worldview development
The New Age and Global Education
A failed attempt at student brainwashing
The New State Religion: ATHEISM
Resolution for equitable treatment of both creation and evolution
A two-model approach to origins
A Call to Arms for Conservative Christian Science Educators
Are Schools Teaching Evolution Well Enough?
Does the Law Require Public Schools to Teach Evolution as Fact?
Should The Public Schools Teach Creation?
Teaching the Bible in public schools?
Do Laws and Standards Evolve?
An educational step in the right direction
Christianity: A cause of modern science?
Scientific naturalism as science
Planning and implementing a creationist-based field trip
The religion of evolutionary Humanism and the public schools
Evolution, Creation and the Public Schools
What Can We Do About The Public Schools?
Where Do The Anti-Creationists Come From?

Miscellaneous Links (including those on our web site)

Misleading textbook illustrations
Mathematical improbabilities of evolution occurring
The influence of atheists, agnostics and humanists on the public school system
Microevolution does not prove macroevolution
Tolerance movement

Suggested Reading

  Kansas Tornado
1999 Science Curriculum Standards Battle
Dr. Paul Ackerman & Bob Williams (1999, 93 pages)
Chronicles the events that occurred in Kansas leading up to the new science standards for the state. Contains details on what was originally proposed by the Kansas Science Education Standards Writing Committee, and how and why it was modified by the Kansas Board of Education.
ISBN 0-932766-60-9 Paperback   To order, call ICR at (800) 628-7640
  Christianity and the Constitution
John Eidsmoe, attorney
Published by Baker books (http://www.bakerbooks.com).
Using the writings of the founders and records of their conversations and activities, John Eidsmoe demonstrates the influence of Christianity on the political convictions of the founding fathers.
He has also written "The Christian Legal Advisor" and "God and Caesar."
ISBN 0-8010-5231-9   For more info: Christianity and the Constitution

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