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Dr. Gentry's Open Letters to the Institute for Creation Research (ICR)

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Dr. Robert V. Gentry is a nuclear physicist who worked 13 years for the Oakridge National Laboratory as a guest scientist. During the time he worked there, he was recognized as the world's leading authority on polonium halos. It is interesting to note that when he began his research, he was an evolutionist. Today, Dr. Gentry is a fully convinced young earth creation scientist.  For more information about his background, see Dr. Gentry's Biography.

Magnified cross-section of a Polonium 218 halo in a granite rock. It has a half life of about three minutes.  In other words, it takes very little time for this radioactive isotope to fully break down and create this halo in the granite. If the rock is heated, it destroys these halos. According to evolutionary geology, the granites now containing these special halos had originally formed as hot magma slowly cooled over long ages. On the other hand, the radioactivity responsible for these special halos had such a fleeting existence that it would have disappeared long before the magma had time to cool and form the granite rocks. How did they get there?

His Web Sites



Lawsuit over Religious Discrimination and Censorship

Like so many other scientists who dared to speak the truth about the myriad of scientific problems with evolutionism, Dr. Gentry was persecuted for his beliefs several years ago by a scientific community determined to suppress any opposition to their religion of evolution. He is one of three scientists featured in a video titled The Case for Creation. Dr. Gentry is cited as one of three examples of scientists who've been the victims of this kind of bigotry. 

In September of 2002, Dr. Gentry filed a lawsuit against the National Science Foundation, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Cornell University and others because of alleged censorship of his ten scientific papers that he believes falsifies the Big Bang theory (this lawsuit is unrelated to the original censorship from several years ago).  Read more about this lawsuit and why it was filed at these links:

Official Press Release announcing the lawsuit

Legal Complaint filed in Knoxville, Tennessee (Rich Text Format (RTF) document that can be read by most word processors)

Documentation of the Censorship

The ten papers in question


Radio Interviews

May 7, 2001 interview - Cosmology and Red Shift

April 25, 2000 interview - Cosmology, Red Shift and 
censorship of scientific evidence that falsifies evolution.



Dr. Gentry has also produced two excellent videos.   The titles of the videos are Fingerprints of Creation and The Young Age of the Earth



Creation's Tiny Mystery
Click on the image above for more information about his book


Debate challenge

Dr. Gentry challenged the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) to appear at a seminar he was giving to refute his findings on Polonium 218 halos. The NAS was a no-show. Click on the image above to see the actual letter that Dr. Gentry sent to the NAS. Note that he still has a standing offer to challenge the NAS on prime-time national TV to a debate about this. We hope there is a reporter out there who can make this happen.


Technical Papers

His ten most recent papers are available at this link:


Within the past few years, Dr. Gentry has written three scientific technical papers dealing with physics and astrophysics. The Los Alamos National Laboratory maintains a web site where scientists from around the world can post their technical papers for others to review. All three of the papers Dr. Gentry wrote in 1998 are at that site (xxx.lanl.gov). He has given us permission to reproduce these reports on our web site. They may be viewed in their entirety in either PostScript or PDF formats. All of these papers are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission from Dr. Robert Gentry.

Title   Abstract   PostScript   PDF
The New Redshift Interpretation Affirmed (10/26/1998)   Abstract   30K   80K
A New Redshift Interpretation (6/20/1998) (1)   Abstract   37K   95K
The Genuine Cosmic Rosetta (6/14/1998)   Abstract   34K   86K
1. This article was published in Modern Physics Letters A, vol. 12, No. 37 (1997) pp. 2919-2925.

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