Dr. Robert Gentry, World renowned Nuclear Physicist
files lawsuit over alleged censorship of scientific 
evidence against the Big Bang theory


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Scientist Files Suit against Cornell, NSF, and DOE Lab for Religious Discrimination

Knoxville, Tennessee – Dr. Robert V. Gentry, a scientist and astrophysicist, along with The Orion Foundation, an organization committed to funding scientific research about origins, filed suit today against Cornell University, Los Alamos National Laboratory, the National Science Foundation, and the U. S. Department of Energy, for religious discrimination. A representative of Threadgill & Associates P.C., a Knoxville law firm representing both Gentry and The Orion Foundation, reported that significant efforts had been made in an attempt to resolve this matter prior to filing suit.

Dr. Gentry, a recognized physicist with many scientific publications, attempted to publish his research regarding his theory of the creation of the universe on the e-print arXiv of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Dr. Gentry says his results scientifically disprove the big-bang theory and its assumptions of cosmic evolution. His lawsuit says that scientists and the public should be given the opportunity learn of this, and to examine his discovery of a new astrophysical model of the universe, how it accounts for a large array of modern astronomical data, and why it agrees with the Genesis creation account.

The lawsuit alleges that Los Alamos initially scheduled release of his research on the arXiv, but then reversed that decision after they realized it overthrew big-bang cosmology and supported the Genesis creation. Since then both Los Alamos and Cornell University, which now has control of the arXiv, have continued to suppress release of Dr. Gentry’s results on the arXiv, thus far preventing scientists and the public from becoming aware of the revolutionary implications of his research.