Response to the Wired News
Article Titled:
Science tackles the big questions"
by Kristen Philipkoski

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The fundamental problem with this article is the same problem we've seen many times before with articles that deal with this debate.  There is an implied assumption that the debate is between religion and science.  In reality, it is the science of one religion (evolutionism) versus the science of another religion (Christianity).  

It is unfortunate that the author chose not to interview any creation scientists for the article.  While the story did have a link to our web site, that's not quite the same as interviewing someone like Dr. Russell Humphreys or some of the scientists at the Institute for Creation Research.  If she had interviewed these people, she might have discovered that the evolutionist propaganda she's been hearing about creation scientists is far removed from the truth.

I won't get into a long drawn out response to the various problems with this article.  Instead, I'll refer the reader to a few existing hyperlinks (below) that deal with many of the issues it raised.

The Young Earth Creation Club


Evolutionism is Religion 
Summary of the Differences between Creation and Evolution
Problems with radiocarbon dating methods
Christian compromises with evolutionism
Creation Scientists with Outstanding Credentials
Former Evolutionists who became Creation Scientists
The heavy humanistic, atheistic influence on science education
A few of the many evidences for a young Earth
Religious-Scientific Bigotry in the Public Schools and Scientific Careers

Suggested books

The Young Earth (many scientific evidences of a young earth)
Refuting Evolution (refuting evolutionism on many different scientific fronts)
Creation and Time (deals with Christian compromises with evolutionism, especially those promoted by Dr. Hugh Ross)
Starlight and Time (explanation of how the universe could be 6,000 years old, and starlight can take billions of years to reach Earth)

Suggested videos

Mount St. Helens (compelling evidence that geological dating methods used by evolutionists are wrong)
The Young Age of the Earth (many young earth evidences)
Fingerprints of Creation (Polonium halos and other evidence that the earth could be quite young, and that the long ages assumed by evolutionism are wrong)
Evolution: Fact or Belief? (recent sedimentation studies at Colorado State University and elsewhere that cast strong doubts on geological evolutionary dating methods)
Creation Evidences from South America (evidences that humans and dinosaurs co-existed.  This video can be viewed on-line in its entirety)
The Genesis Solution (deals with the religious aspects of mixing evolutionism with Christianity)

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