Original Gahanna News Article Titled: "Origin of life debate pits one religion against another"

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The Gahanna News published this letter to the editor on September 19, 2001.  However, part of it was edited out, most likely due to space considerations.  The entire letter appears below as it was originally written.  The parts that weren't published are in red text below.  I wish to thank the Gahanna News for printing it.

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to Tom Baillieul's letter on August 29, 2001. I'd like to address his comment that evolutionism is science, and creation is religion. This is a highly misleading idea that many evolutionists promote with a religious fervor.

Evolutionism, as it is taught in the public schools, is based upon the atheistic philosophies of naturalism and materialism. It is an attempt to explain not only how things allegedly continue to evolve in the present, but also how the universe and all life got started to begin with. The Bible and evolutionism sharply contradict each other on these issues (see http://Creationists.org/summaryofdifferences.html).

Mr. Baillieul talked about many religions agreeing with evolutionism. It is important to make a clear distinction between the atheistic evolutionism taught in the public schools, and the other variations of evolutionism that many well-meaning, but misguided Christians have created on their own by trying to make the Bible somehow fit with evolutionism. Those who attempt to make them fit must engage in some highly creative Bible interpretation. And they never really do fit. 

Mr. Baillieul also does not tell you that many evolutionists try to play on both sides of the fence. They point to Christians who believe in a theistic form of evolutionism, but never tell you that they wholeheartedly disagree with, and often are disgusted by any Christian who attempts to mix theism with evolutionism. They're merely trying to play Christian against Christian to distract attention away from their atheistic indoctrination of our children in the public schools.

It is quite likely that the churches and many old earth Christians that are deceived about this have never really heard all the scientific and Biblical arguments against evolutionism. These arguments and missing evidence must be sought out. 

Evolutionism is the only scientific theory in which it's 'believers' have erected a nearly impenetrable wall around it to shield it from all criticism. The upcoming PBS series he mentioned in his letter is an excellent example of this. What he didn't tell you is that there was a serious effort to have a 9th program aired after this series that was shot down by the liberals at PBS. It was video titled "A Question of Origins" that presented compelling scientific and mathematical arguments against evolutionism. But because of this wall of protection, you will not get to see these arguments on PBS. You'll have to seek out the video yourself (it's available through the Columbus Libraries, and you can find out more about it on our web site at http://Creationists.org/library.html#Videos).

What I find ironic about Mr. Baillieul's frequent letters on this topic is how it relates to the Bible verses in II Peter 3:3-7 . Pay particular attention to the phrase "willingly are ignorant of" (KJV Bible) the fact that there was a global flood (among other things).  Evolutionists do not believe God when He says there was a global flood. Mr. Baillieul is a geologist by profession, and it is his scientific discipline (the evolutionists) that God indirectly singles out in these verses to warn us to be wary of on this matter.

Mr. Baillieul apparently chooses to rely on the Supreme Court to determine whether or not his brand of evolutionism is religion or not. As for my family and me, we prefer to trust the infallible Word of an all knowing God who has spoken very clearly on the matter. It is clear that Quentin Patch was correct. This battle is between the science of one religion (Evolutionism) versus the science of another religion (Christianity). It is important to see the debate in this light to avoid being deceived about the truth of God's miraculous creation of the universe and all life.

The Young Earth Creation Club

Note:  An e-mail I received from someone a month or so ago indicated there would be eight programs airing in the PBS Evolution series.  It turns out there will actually be seven..