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"Ohio Can't afford to trail in the teaching of evolution"
By William E. Kirwan, President of Ohio State University

Last Updated Saturday, June 09, 2012

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Across Ohio, legislators, school boards, principals and teachers are working to bring the latest technology into our classrooms, boost science and math education and prepare our students to be productive in the "knowledge economy.''

Interesting that he mentions math. Math provides some of the best arguments against evolutionism. See The Mathematical improbabilities of evolution occurring.

At the 75th anniversary of the Scopes "Monkey Trial,'' we still are failing our students by not teaching a fundamental concept that stands as the organizing principle of biological sciences.

The bogus science (concerning evolutionism) being taught today at universities like OSU in many ways resembles the scientific evidence that was presented on behalf of evolutionists in the Scopes trial. Several years later, even the evolutionists don't believe it. It was fitting to contrast modern academia to the Scopes trial. For the rest of the story on the Scopes trial, see FAQ- Scopes Trial.

In reality, we are failing our students by denying them the opportunity to see the overwhelming arguments against the the false religion of evolution. Our schools aren't giving them the opportunity to use their critical thinking skills to examine the evidence and draw their own conclusions. Instead, schools like OSU indoctrinate students to interpret the observable evidence only through the paradigm of materialism, a blatantly atheistic philosophy. What OSU is doing as far as evolutionism is concerned isn't education. It's brainwashing. It may not look like that to a lot of the students at first. Why? Because by the time they arrive at OSU, most have already received 12 years of one-sided evolutionary indoctrination. And it's quite unlikely that the schools they attended prior to OSU allowed them to see the mountains of arguments and missing evidence against this failed theory.

For those students who do take the time to seriously study the opposing arguments (get these arguments from those who know them best, not from an evolutionist who'll distort them), they often can see where schools like OSU have grievously misled them. Creation scientists have heard testimonies like this over and over again from students around the world. It is also interesting to note that many of the leading creation scientists today, most with doctorates, started off as atheists and militant evolutionists. It's not that they are ignorant and don't understand evolution. Many of them taught evolutionism as a fact at universities and high schools before they finally saw the light. Read some of their stores at Former Evolutionists who became Creation Scientists. If OSU really wants to get serious about having a well qualified staff, then get more of these critical thinkers on the staff to give students the opportunity to hear the other side of this story. Also, if such an environment doesn't already exist, create an atmosphere where such teachers won't be persecuted for interpreting the observable evidence in this way (academic freedom).

Evolution is the single unifying scientific theory of life and is an essential element of scientific literacy.

For those who cling to the atheistic philosophy of materialism as their world view, this is a true statement. But there are thousands of credible scientists (some who are teachers at OSU) who disagree wholeheartedly with this. For one example, see OSU graduate, and 30-year pharmacist Bob Garbe's 3/7/2000 testimony to the Ohio State Board of Education. Bob is also the producer of a Columbus, Ohio area creation science cable TV program called AlphaNova. His wife is a registered nurse and a college-level biology tutor who also would disagree with this statement by Mr. Kirwan.

Every farmer who has had to change pesticides because insects become resistant to one type after years of exposure has witnessed evolution through natural selection.

This is a favorite ploy of evolutionists and the Columbus Dispatch. Roaches evolving into roaches; bacteria evolving into bacteria; lizards evolving into lizards. See a pattern here? The fact is that macroevolution, the kind of evolution required for the theory of evolution to be true, has never been observed. Evolutionists continue to mislead the public by claiming that tiny changes in the DNA like resistance to pesticides prove macroevolution. What they usually don't bother to tell you is that the changes are usually due to a loss of information in the DNA (macroevolution requires an huge increase). And when there is an increase in the information from an outside source, it has never been observed causing macroevolution. See Microevolution does not prove Macroevolution for more information. One of our upcoming Creation Evidences TV programs also deals with this issue. See the programming schedule at Creation Evidences programs on Community 21.

Clearly, we must respect the religious faith of all students. Parents and clergy play a crucial role in teaching matters of religious philosophy. Yet, now more than ever, our public schools and science teachers owe it to our children to pass on to them the very best scientific knowledge available and to instill in them a method of learning based on close observation, thorough testing and impartial analysis.

If the public school system truly respected the religious faith of all students, they'd quit force-feeding atheism and humanism disguised as science to their students. They'd also quit pretending that evolutionism (the kind being taught in the public schools like OSU) isn't rooted in the atheistic, humanistic philosophies of materialism and naturalism. The Bible is clear that evolutionism is a false doctrine. Why does his university blatantly ignore this if they are so respectful of their student's religious beliefs? What steps has Mr. Kirwan taken to prevent the force-feeding of evolutionism upon students who have strong, credible disagreements with this atheistic philosophy?

Our lawmakers and school boards must amend our otherwise solid model-science curriculum and make evolution an integral part of our biological-science requirements.

Our lawmakers and school boards need to take a hard look at the scientific arguments and missing evidence that have been amassed against this failed theory. And they should not trust the news media to provide them with this information. The Columbus Dispatch, for instance, has proven over and over again that it's not interested in doing any kind of balanced reporting on this issue. They have a long history of very one-sided, highly biased reporting in favor of evolutionism. The lawmakers and school boards owe it to the communities they serve to get the other side of the story from those who know it best (from creation scientists like those at Answers in Genesis Ministries International or The Institute for Creation Research). The scientific support for evolutionism is so utterly weak that it can be defeated without quoting a single Bible verse. It can even be falsified without a single science experiment or observation. How? The mathematical improbabilities against evolutionism occurring are so compelling that all by themselves they totally destroy this failed theory.

And parents, perhaps, have the greatest leverage in demanding that their children receive a high-quality science education, including the study of evolution.

As things stand today, parents have very little leverage thanks to Governor Taft and the others who pushed HB711 into law last year against the will of the people of Ohio. That is why it's important that all parents need to help restore Ohio's all elected State Board of Education. This alone will give parents a real voice again in educational matters.

Parents, what you also need to do is to get yourself educated on the scientific arguments against evolutionism. We believe you will find them to be quite compelling. Don't just dabble with a cursory look. Take the time to dig into this issue a bit and see for yourself what's out there. We think then when you do, you're going to be plenty angry at OSU, the Columbus Dispatch and others who have supported the suppression of this information from your children (anger is a typical reaction from those who've finally realized how many years they've been duped by evolutionists). If you don't have a lot of time to spend on this, watch our Creation Evidences programs on Community 21. There's a lot of good information condensed into those programs. We also suggest that you read a very short, but highly compelling book titled Refuting Evolution (ISBN 0890512582). I mentioned Bob Garbe's TV program earlier. His organization, Creation Research, Science Education Foundation (CRSEF) - (in Columbus, OH), gives copies of this book away for free to students or teachers who ask for one (in the Columbus, Ohio area; and as long as supplies last). We also have about 50-60 copies available we'd be willing to give away upon request.

A couple final points for parents, teachers and students. We encourage you to take the time to learn more about the Humanistic, atheistic influence on education system. Also, get informed about how anti-creation organizations mislead the public by pretending that they're religious neutral. This is clearly not the case. See How Religiously Neutral are the Anti-Creationist Organizations?

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