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"Evolutionists have yet to show concrete proof"

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Baillieul also said, "Reducing access to knowledge and information doesn't refute that information; it is merely an act of censorship.'' Perhaps he should have directed that comment instead to the public school system and The Dispatch. Both actively censor the overwhelming credible evidence put forth by reputable creation scientists to refute evolution.

I find myself in the unusual position of commenting on my own letter to the editor. 

First, I wish to express my appreciation to the Columbus Dispatch for printing my letter to the editor. They printed it pretty much intact, with very only very minor editing. I was especially impressed that they were willing to leave in the link to this web site, a site that is very critical of their handling of the creation/evolution issue. In spite of my continued disagreements with the Dispatch on this issue, I commend them for being willing to do this.

Having said that, one might wonder why I still feel that the Dispatch has such a long way to go before I or many others would consider their handling of this issue to be fair. Their willingness to print an occasional letter to the editor presenting the creationist position is a positive step forward. But there's still a tremendous imbalance in terms of how they handle those with strong scientific credentials.

I've noticed that they quite often have professors from local universities do guest articles in their paper that either promote evolution, or who take the position that evolution is true. They've also published many press releases such as those from the Associated Press announcing the latest misinformation that evolutionists wish to spread. I personally have never seen the Dispatch do either of the following things:

1. Allow a young earth creation scientist to have a regular guest column in the Dispatch as several evolutionists have been allowed to do.
2. Interview a young earth creation scientist for an opposing view to a pro-evolutionist story they've done or will do.

I've also noticed that when they interview clergy concerning this issue, it's usually a liberal pastor who does not take the creation story in Genesis literally. It is rare that a conservative pastor with a young earth view is allowed space in their paper.

This is what we believe needs to be done by the Dispatch to make their handling of this issue more balanced. We believe these are reasonable requests given the fact that so many people support teaching creation in the public schools.

1. Every time a story is published in the Dispatch concerning some alleged new proof of evolution, always, without exception, get an opposing view from creation scientists. They are easy to find. We've included a list of a few of the more prominent ones below. And when seeking their views, give them as much space in the article as the evolutionists get to make their points.
2. Allow one or more creation scientists to have a regular guest column in the Dispatch, the same way the Dispatch now allows several evolutionists to do.
3. When interviewing clergy on any religious matter, including evolution/creation, make sure that at least 50% of those interviewed are from the conservative Christian position, and give them as much space in the paper to make their points as the liberal pastors get. I've seen highly unbalanced reporting, with liberals getting far more space in the paper than conservatives on the following issues:

1. Creation/evolution
2. Corporal punishment (we believe the Bible strongly supports it)
3. Homosexuality
4. Cults

Here is a list of just a few creationists that the Dispatch could contact for the young earth creationist view:

Bert Thompson, Ph.D - Apologetics Press, Inc. He conducted a seminar in Gahanna a few years ago.
Dr. Andrew A. Snelling
Dr. Carl Wieland
Dr D. Russell Humphreys - author of Starlight and Time also see interview with Dr. Russell Humphreys
Dr. Duane Gish
Dr. Henry M. Morris
Dr. J.L. Williams - cult expert
Dr. John D. Morris - Geologist
Dr. Gary Parker - also see Dr. Gary Parker's personal testimony
Dr. Steven A. Austin
Jonathan D. Sarfati, Ph.D, F.M. (author of the book Refuting Evolution)
Ken Ham - Perhaps "the" leading spokesman for the Creationist's cause in America. Lives in Kentucky
Paul S. Taylor - Most of the videos we've aired on our Creation Evidences: TV shows were produced by him.
Other Creation scientists - nowhere near an exhaustive list

Contact us with your comments or questions.

If you have concerns about the highly biased, pro-evolutionary reporting by the Dispatch in the Editorials section of the paper (where this article was published), we suggest that you contact the following people at the Columbus Dispatch:

Letters to the Editor:
Editorial page editor: Dick Carson,
Editorial writer: Maryann Edwards,
Editorial writer: Carolyn Davis,
President, Associate Publisher: Mike Curtin,
Editor: Ben Marrison,

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