Response to the Columbus Dispatch
Article Titled: "To deny the theory of evolution is to deny all science"
Letter to the Editor by Thomas A. Baillieul

The author of this letter to the editor, Thomas A. Baillieul, also wrote a similar letter that was published in the Gahanna News on December 15, 1999. We have already provided a response to that letter at this link: Response to Gahanna News article: Kansas decision shows illiteracy of science. Since the two letters are so similar, please refer to our prior response for our opposing view.

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If you have concerns about the highly biased, pro-evolutionary reporting by the Dispatch in the Editorials section of the paper (where this article was published), we suggest that you contact the following people at the Columbus Dispatch:

Letters to the Editor:
Editorial page editor: Dick Carson,
Editorial writer: Maryann Edwards,
Editorial writer: Carolyn Davis,
President, Associate Publisher: Mike Curtin,
Editor: Ben Marrison,

What you can do about the Columbus Dispatch's evolutionist propaganda campaign