Response to the Columbus Dispatch
Article Titled:
"Experts suggest Earth's first life came from Mars"

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Scientists generally accept the notion that life as we know it began with a single ancestral cell, similar to modern bacteria, which later developed into plants, animals and humans. Conventional wisdom is that the first such cell appeared on Earth between 3.8 billion and 4 billion years ago. But now an international team of 10 astronomers has proposed that Mars, which is smaller and farther form the sun, became suitable for life before Earth cooled sufficiently from its fiery birth."

The first thing to recognize about this whole concept of life originating from Mars is that it's science fiction, not real science. There isn't a shred of hard evidence to support it, only "interpretations" of observable evidence that can easily be interpreted other ways. We suggest that you see the following links for an opposing view.

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