Response to the Columbus Dispatch Article Titled:
"Evolution must be part of education in science"

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If we don't set clear standards for teaching the principles and methods of modern science, including evolution, then our children don't learn and understand them.

If evolution were real science, and was backed up by hard evidence, then this would be a true statement. The problem is that evolution is in reality, a false religion masquerading as science. What we need to be clear about is the myriad of scientific problems with evolution. If students were allowed to see all the problems with it, it would be clear that evolution is one of the greatest hoaxes ever pulled on mankind.

If one understands evolution, then one understands how bacteria develop a resistance to antibiotics; how animals, including humans, work; the interactions of plants and animals we call ecology; even why there is a different strain of flu every year.

A favorite evolutionist ploy; to try to deceive us into believing that micro-evolution is proof of macro-evolution. For more information on what's wrong with this line of thinking, see Micro-evolution does not prove Macro-evolution.

Evolution is central to understanding all aspects of biology. One can study biology without studying evolution, but it is like learning chemistry without learning about atoms and molecules or studying English without the vowels.

Macro-evolution has nothing to do with biology, because macro-evolution is science fiction. Science fiction has no business being mixed in with real science in our public school classrooms. Students can study cells and learn how the various parts interact with one another. They can see that mutations are almost always harmful. And those that aren't harmful result in the loss of information from the DNA, not an increase. Evolution is a belief with no solid scientific evidence to support it. Not only is it unnecessary to the study of biology, it has no business being included in the curriculum to begin with. It evolution were to be taught in the public schools, it should be in a class on mythology.

Most Christian denominations such as the Catholic and Methodist churches, accept the reality of evolution.

See 50 surveys on creationism for the truth about this.

It is past time to put evolution back in the science classroom.

A better thing would be for parents to wake up and see evolution for what it really is, a false religion. Parents also need to take a hard look at the influence that atheists, agnostics and humanists have on public school curriculums, particularly where evolution is concerned. We encourage those who believe that evolution is true to read the book Refuting Evolution. Also, watch the two creationism TV programs that regularly air on Community 21 cable access. We air a program called Creationism. The Creation Research, Science Education Foundation (CRSEF), in Columbus, Ohio, airs a program called AlphaNova. For those who prefer videos, we suggest A Question of Origins Creation or Evolution.

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