Response to the Columbus Dispatch Article Titled:
"Officials give evolution a new name"

Click here to see why a major creationism organization disagrees with changing references to "evolution" to "change over time"

This article reported that the Kentucky public school system has replaced the word "evolution" with "change over time". It stated that the reason was because the word "evolution" was becoming "a lightning rod that creates diversion from what we're teaching". Essentially, the teaching of evolution will continue as it has; just under a new label.

The article mentioned that Creationists "make periodic attempts to push creationism as a biblical counterbalance" to evolution. However, as in most such articles, there was no equal time for Creationists to present an opposing view. Had they been allowed to do so in this article, they may very well have reminded the readers that this issue is not religion versus science as evolutionists usually portray it. Rather, it is the science of one religion (evolution) versus the science of another religion (Christianity). There are good scientific, as well as Biblical reasons that Creationists continue to make this an issue. If the scientific evidence Creationists have to offer were ever allowed into the public schools, it would destroy the theory of evolution in very short order. There would not even be the need to quote a single Bible verse. The scientific and mathematical evidence against evolution, and in favor of Creation is so strong that it would be obvious which one better fit the observable evidence. This article is just another in a long stream of highly biased, evolutionary propaganda articles by the Dispatch.

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