Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
A Biblical Approach

Overview of all 5 tapes

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Select this option if you want to download all 5 tapes in MP3 format in a single .zip file.  This is probably the best way to listen to them because after they're downloaded, they'll be on your hard drive.  There will be no delays in waiting for them to load, and you can copy them to your MP3 players.  After you've downloaded the file and unzipped (decompressed) it, it will write the following files on your hard drive in whatever directory you specified them to be written to:

PTSD tape 1 - Releasing Your Bitterness.mp3

PTSD tape 2 - Overcoming Survivors Guilt.mp3

PTSD tape 3 - Redeeming the Tragedies of Yesterday.mp3

PTSD tape 4 - Is the war over.mp3

PTSD tape 5 - Hamburger Hill - Clearing the enemy strongholds.mp3

This file is 75 meg in size, so it'll take a few minutes to download even if you have a high speed internet connection.

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