Critical analysis of evolution needs to
 remain in the Ohio science standards

by Dr. Patrick H. Young

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Letter to the Editor sent to the Akron Beacon Journal on January 16, 2006.  No reply was received and the letter was not published

To The Editor:

The editorial published on January 15th in the Akron Beacon Journal titled "Darwin prevails, again"(1) demonstrates exactly why the critical analysis of evolution section desperately needs to remain in the Ohio science standards. If the author of this opinion editorial would have been exposed to the critical analysis of evolution section of the Ohio science standards, they would then recognize the difference between microevolution and macroevolution. Microevolution is defined as adaptation and variation within and at the species level. Macroevolution is defined as the formation of taxonomic groups above the species level.

The article published in the Journal of Science on cats is a classic demonstration of microevolution at work not macroevolution. While the article in question proposes a family tree for cat lineages with a common ancestor, that common ancestor still happens to be a cat. For macroevolution to be demonstrated, there needs to be a fossil identified that is transitional to cats. To date, nothing like this has been found.

It is this type of scientific ignorance that initially got me actively involved in the Ohio science standards debate. Microevolution is not, and never has been the issue debated Ohio science standards that resulted in a critical analysis section. It is the lack of evidence supporting macroevolution that continues to be debated and is still a growing controversy.

Sincerely Yours,

Patrick H. Young, Ph.D.
Formerly of Ohio




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