Intelligent Design / Creationism is not being taught in the Science Standards
by: Patrick Young, Ph.D.

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Letter to the Editor of the Columbus Dispatch
Published February 15, 2004

To the editor;

It is too bad that biased newspapers such as the Columbus Dispatch continue to flood the reading public with articles that make blatantly false statements about the "critical analysis of evolution" section in the proposed state science standards.

To set the record straight, intelligent design / creationism is not creeping into the science standards. The "critical analysis of evolution" standard only addresses the scientific controversy surrounding whether macroevolution ever occurred or not. A primary reference for this standard is a book written by a cell biologist named Dr. Jonathan Wells. While Wells is an advocate of intelligent design, his book only deals with the raging controversy about macroevolution. Hence, there are no references to intelligent design / creationism in the proposed lessons or his book.

Yes, there are no alternative theories to evolution proposed in the lessons but this is exactly what a majority of the State School Board and the dogmatic evolutionists demanded. If however, the "evolution as fact" supporters would like to change their minds, there is ample scientific research about intelligent design that can be added to the lessons.

Finally, if Ohio's economy is going to be the thinking economy of the future, it is imperative that critical thinking skills are a fundamental part of the overall skills that must be taught to our children. Sadly, while there are ten standards dealing with evolution, it is only the "critical analysis of evolution" portion that actually attempts to teach these vital critical thinking skills.

Patrick Young, Ph.D.
Canal Winchester, Ohio 

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