"Critical Analysis of Evolution" is an Integral Part of Teaching Accurate Science

by: Patrick Young, Ph.D.

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Letter to the Editor of the Columbus Dispatch
Submitted December 11, 2003

In response to the Columbus Dispatch article by Michael Lafferty written on 12/4/03, I would like to add some semblance truth to the subject. Mr. Lafferty begins his article by stating that "Ohio scientists are angry that a proposed lesson for the state’s new science curriculum calls for high-school students to debate evolution." Since a majority of the scientists in Ohio have never even seen the lesson in question, this reporter is basically demonstrating an ignorance and bias that has become boringly familiar of this newspaper. Furthermore, there are several scientists (including myself) that have read the proposed lesson and are generally pleased with the first attempt by the curriculum writing committee.

The "critical analysis of evolution" lesson is designed to give high school students the opportunity to debate the most controversial idea (macroevolution) in evolutionary theory. Not only is there no demonstrated mechanism that can possibly achieve the level of complexity that macroevolution requires, but there is also no scientific evidence that macroevolution ever occurred in the first place.

While Mr. Lafferty's article suggests to the contrary, the proposed lesson makes no direct reference to religion, creationism or intelligent design. It is only the militant proponents of evolutionary dogma who are mentioning this because they have absolutely no scientific justification for hyperventilating over this curriculum.

Patrick Young, Ph.D.
Canal Winchester, Ohio 

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