Is a homosexual agenda driving the ultra-left-wing
reporting at the New York Times?

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New York Times homosexual agenda editors reporters disclosing divulging military classified secrets programs to catch terrorists terrorism driving ultra-left-wing reporting far left National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association Richard Berke
There has been considerable discussion in the media recently about the frequent disclosures of classified programs to catch terrorists by the New York Times.   It would appear that these reports have had negative impacts on our government's ability to fight terrorism.  They may also be placing the lives of American citizens and soldiers at risk. 

There have also been frequent complaints made by more even-handed members of the media that the New York Times and other far left-wing media outlets are attacking the military at every opportunity by emphasizing negative stories, and avoiding reporting on the positive things the military is doing.  To-date, none of the discussions I've seen about why the New York Times is so blatantly anti-military and anti-Bush have addressed the homosexual influence at that paper.

This link from Accuracy in Media provides insight into that influence. The tenth annual National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association convention held on April 12, 2000, hosted over six hundred attendees. Richard Berke, the New York Times National Political Correspondent was one of the speakers.  The full statement from Berke, who is a longtime member of the gay journalists association, is as follows:

 "...When I started there 15 years ago...the department heads were asking for lists of the gay reporters on different sections so they could be punished in different ways...Since Iíve been there, thereís been a dramatic shift: I remember coming and wondering if there were...any gay reporters there...Now...there are times when you look at the front-page meeting and...literally three-quarters of the people deciding whatís on the front page are not-so-closeted homosexuals...[It is] a real far cry from what it was like not so long ago...""

If this quote is accurate, then it is not surprising that the New York Times would have such an anti-military agenda given the fact that the military continues to discharge homosexuals, and because President Bush's anti-homosexual positions.  

The harm the Times is causing this nation is manifesting itself in two ways.  First, it's creating big problems for our government in it's ability to fight terrorism.  Second, it's helping to undermine the Christian principals and values that made this nation strong.  We didn't get to be the super-power that we are all on our own.  Because of our nation's strong Christian base, we have benefited from the protection of God himself.  As we turn against him as a nation, that protection is being lifted.  Ultimately, we could pay some very severe penalties for our increasing rebellion (see our link titled Is America being chastised by God).


How can Christians respond?

Those Christians who have subscriptions to the New York Times may want to consider ending their support of this far left-wing pro-homosexual newspaper by canceling their subscriptions to it.  Christian's who pay for advertising many also want to consider curtailing or ending those advertisements.  The New York Times is doing great harm to many conservative Christian causes.  They are among the leading media outlets that are helping to lead or nation into a headlong charge towards atheism, humanism, and an abandonment of the conservative Christian values that made this nation strong to begin with.  


Prosecuting traitors

As far as the harm the Times is doing to our nation's security efforts, if their reporters and editors have broken the laws about disclosing classified programs, I would like to see those laws be enforced.  Those who made the leaks to the media, and those in the media who were told by the government that disclosing these classified programs could be harmful to our anti-terrorism efforts should in my opinion be arrested and tried for treason.   Our government needs to stop tolerating these treasonous acts that give comfort and aid to our enemies.  The public should support law enforcement efforts to bring these traitors to justice.


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