Mount St. Helens Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe
by: Dr. Steven A. Austin

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Geologist Dr. Steve Austin shares with you the exciting results of his explorations on Mount St. Helens and its adjacent Spirit Lake. Relive the 1980 eruption. Observe geological structures formed rapidly (strata, canyons, log deposits, etc.). Apply what is seen to understand the origins of other geological features (Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, coal deposits, etc.). Contemplate the significance of the volcano to our views of Earth, Noah's flood, man and God. This video provides some of the best evidence creationists have to support a young Earth. It is also calls into serious question how evolutionists use the layers of strata to date the earth at millions of years old.

Dr. Austin and another researcher were the first to scuba dive in the adjacent Spirit Lake after the 1980 eruption.  See how what they discovered provides evidence for how huge coal deposits could have formed as a result of the global flood in Noah's day.

Research within the past few years at Colorado State University supports some of the conclusions that Dr. Austin has drawn about his observations at Mount St. Helens.  For more information about that Colorado State University research, see the video titled Evolution - Fact or Belief (ISBN 1-57341-098-5).   To purchase Evolution - Fact or Belief, see this link.


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