Creation Science



American Portrait Films

Answers in Genesis


Apologetics Press


ARK Foundation (Dayton, OH)


Center for Scientific Creation


Christian Answers


Creation Museum 


Creation Research, Science Education
Foundation (CRSEF) - (in Columbus, OH)


Akron Fossils & Science Center (Akron, OH)  New

Creation Research Society


Creation Science Evangelism (excellent on-line seminar)

Creation Science Fellowship (Pennsylvania)

Creation Science Fellowship of Oklahoma

Creation Worldview Ministries


Earth Science Associates (Dr. Robert Gentry, Physicist)


Eternal Productions (also has good end-time prophecy information)

Institute for Creation Research


Ohio Valley Creation Education Association (Beverly, OH) 


Twin Cities Creation Science Association


Creation Tours and Vacations


Answers in Genesis Creation Vacations

Institute for Creation Research (ICR) Tours

Creation Tour Ministries (Denver, Colorado area only)


Restoring Morality in America



Center for Reclaiming America


Proof of Liberal Media Bias



Christian Legal Links

These organizations may provide free legal advice and/or representation for school boards, teachers who want to end the censorship of scientific evidence against evolutionism.  They may also assist individuals who are being persecuted for their religious beliefs.


Alliance Defense Fund  
Christian Law Association  
The American Center for Law and Justice - ACLJ  

Rutherford Institute


Foundation for Moral Law


Academic Freedom


California Institute of Omniology
Students for Academic Freedom

Christian TV/Radio Stations/Programs



CDR Radio Network


Coral Ridge Ministries - Dr. D. James Kennedy 

Evidences Biblical Institute


Local Churches (Columbus, Ohio area)

Christ Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church  

Grace Presbyterian Church (OPC)


Home Schooling Links


An Eagle's Nest (Columbus, Ohio)


Apologia Educational Ministries  
(On-line science course)


Ohio Public Education Link



Intelligent Design Network of Ohio

Ohio Eagle Forum

Science Excellence for all Ohioans

Truth In Government Foundation


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