Support Boycott of Businesses/Organizations 
involved in anti-Christian Activities

Published in the Gahanna News on December 14, 2001

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Dear Editor,

If your readers could choose between donating money to their own church, or to a known cult, what would most of them do? It's probably safe to assume that most of them would be appalled at the thought of giving money to an organization that was undermining the efforts of their own church. Yet that's precisely what many Christians are doing today. However, instead of donating to cults, they patronize businesses, or donate to charities that have a track record of engaging in anti-Christian activities.

I recently searched the internet looking for links about businesses and charity organizations being boycotted by Christians. I found quite a few. However, if one looks hard enough, most businesses are doing at least one thing that somehow works against a Christian cause. Therefore, it's not practical to boycott them all. That doesn't mean we can't target a few of the really bad ones, though. We can also focus our efforts on local businesses, because we may have more success in dealing with them.

We've put together a small list of businesses and charity organizations that local Christians can target for a boycott. It can be viewed at We also have some success stories and a feedback section at that link.

Many Christians will be tempted to avoid getting involved because they think acting alone won't make much difference. However, the success stories that organizations like is having may be changing that perception. I would ask those same Christians to keep in mind that the internet is the great equalizer! Using personal mailing lists and word of mouth, it is possible to put together an effective boycott.

Our country is involved in a real spiritual war. This is not a time for Christians to be sitting on the side-lines. This is one simple, tangible way Christians can act that can help reverse the moral free fall our country has been in for the past few decades.

Gahanna, OH