Letter to the Editor Column Descriptions

  Date The date you submitted your letter to the newspaper(s).
  Paper Which newspaper(s) you sent it to.
CD = Columbus Dispatch
CPD = Cleveland Plain Dealer
SNP = Suburban News Paper (i.e. Gahanna News)
USA = USA Today
  Status Whether it was published or not:
NP - Not Published
P - Published
W - Waiting to see if it'll be published. We usually don't move it to the "Not Published" category unless it's been at least a week since it was originally submitted to the paper.
Published Article
If the article was NOT published by the newspaper(s):

This will be a headline for your letter. If you don't provide us with the headline you prefer, we'll create one.

If the letter WAS published:

1. When a hyperlink exists to the article at the newspaper's web site, we'll provide that hyperlink here.
2. If no hyperlink exists: This will be the actual headline the newspaper used (you'll need to provide us with this information if we don't already have it.)
  Author There are three types of information that can appear in this column.
1. The author's name.
2. The author's name with a built-in link to his/her e-mail address.
3. The author's name with a built-in link to his/her personal web site.
  Original Letter The original letter that was sent to the newspaper that we also received a copy of. This should be an EXACT copy of what the newspaper(s) received. This allows readers to compare the original to what was actually published to see what kind of editing (if any) was done.

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