President George Bush is wrong
Creation and Evolution are Incompatible
Summary of the differences between them (not an exhaustive list)

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Many well-meaning Christians have tried to reconcile the Bible with evolutionism.  Once recent example was what president Bush said during a December 8, 2008 interview on ABC News Nightline program.  Here's a quote from the story about this:

Asked about creation and evolution, Bush said: "I think you can have both. I think evolution can -- you're getting me way out of my lane here. I'm just a simple president. But it's, I think that God created the earth, created the world; I think the creation of the world is so mysterious it requires something as large as an almighty and I don't think it's incompatible with the scientific proof that there is evolution."

Like many others, Mr. Bush does not appear to understand that  the differences between evolutionism and creation are too great to reconcile them without engaging in eisegesis with his Bible interpretation, and abandoning some of the historical interpretations of the Genesis account of creation.  The fact that God warned us that evolutionism would be a problem in these verses should make us even more cautious about twisting the interpretation of scriptures to 'fit' evolutionism.  

The following is a list of just some of the differences between evolutionary dogma and what the Bible teaches.  It should be clear after reading them that it is impossible to reconcile the two.  One is right, the other is wrong.  Based on the fact that the Bible is God's revealed truth to us, and that He was the only  eye-witness to what actually happened "in the beginning", it should be obvious that when the Bible and evolutionary dogma conflict, God's word should be taken over the opinions of fallible, sinful scientists who weren't there "in the beginning".  The bible has proven itself in many ways to be reliable and accurate.  Therefore, it is entirely appropriate to consider the Genesis account of creation to be literal history.

It is also heresy to suggest that the the Bible and science are somehow equal, but different.  God is infinitely more knowledgeable, wise and powerful  than the sum total of all humans who have ever lived.  Therefore, no knowledge that originates from man-made science should ever be given equal footing with God's revealed truths in the Bible.  We should also consider the very real possibility that God may causing many of the leading evolutionary scientists to believe more deeply in the lies of evolutionism (see God sometimes hardens the hearts of those who refuse to accept His truths for more information). 

From the book The Young Earth, page 33

Biblical Order of Appearance

Evolutionary Order of Appearance

1. Matter Created by God in the beginning 1. Matter existed in the beginning
2. Earth before the sun and stars 2. Sun and stars before the earth
3. Oceans before the land 3. Land before the oceans
4. Light before the sun 4. Sun, earth's first light
5. Atmosphere between two water layers 5. Atmosphere above a water layer
6. Land plants, first life forms created 6. Marine organisms, first forms of life
7. Fruit trees before fish 7. Fish before fruit trees
8. Fish before insects 8. Insects before fish
9. Land vegetation before sun 9. Sun before land plants
10. Marine mammals before land mammals 10. Land mammals before marine mammals
11. Birds before land reptiles 11. Reptiles before birds
12. Man, the cause of death 12. Death, necessary antecedent of man


From the book Creation: A Scientist's Choice, pages 98-99

Statements of Evolutionary Uniformitarianism
Model of Origins
(based upon world-view of naturalism)

Statements of Catastrophism and Creation
Model of Origins
(based upon world-view of theism)

1. Matter has existed eternally (no cause)
  a. Matter continually appears (from energy?).
  b. Matter exploded and continues to expand.
1. Universe was created essentially in present state.
  (Cause: eternal Creator)
  a. Matter, planets, stars created complete.
  b. Light rays created directly.
2. A whole series of elements was generated (evolved); and stars, planets have evolved by accretion.
2. Universe was created complete and basically stable.
3. Apparent land features resulted from specific causes of volcanism, diastrophism, gradation (the present is the key to the past).
3. Causes seen in present were not causes of land features (the present is only the key to the present).
4. Forces of origination and integration exist.
4. Catastrophism, decay, and conservational activities prevail in antagonism.
5. Geologic column is evidence of vast "history" of the earth.
5. Only local sedimentary columns exist and world-wide destruction is evidenced by world-wide distribution of sedimentary rocks.
6. Because of innate propensity of matter, organic matter came from inorganic matter by spontaneous generation.
6. Since spontaneous generation of life is contradictory to Second Law of Thermodynamics, only special creation of life could be cause of life.
7. Changes in evolutionary sequence of life forms are due to random mutational changes in genes.
7. Mutations are evidence of increased disorder (entropy) and only changes within limits of kinds, group, or species result from mutations/recombination of genes.
8. Changes of complex forms or kinds from less complex kinds are the result of accumulation of random variations.
8. Conservation processes are involved in operation of genetic code resulting in essential stability (fixity) of basic kinds, groups, species, with no accumulation of random variations.
9. Mankind is related to the ape through an unknown common ancestor.
9. Mankind is a special creation.
10. Fossils of genus Homo are immediate ancestors of modern man.
10. "Ape-like" features of prehistoric man may be due to disease and degeneration.
11. Races of man resulted from mutations and segregation in early man-like forms.
11. Human beings all belong to one race and languages are merely tribal differences.
12. Evolutionary humanism can be a guiding faith.
12. Alienation, identify, and relevance can be answered in context of relation to Creator God.


From the book Creation: A Scientist's Choice, page 121

Classes of Scientific Data

Emphasizes Similarities

Summary of ways scientific data are used to support Evolution Uniform Model

Emphasizes differences

1. Genetics and Variation Imagined broad change: kind from kind; across kind. Known limited change: only variation within kind.
    Differences due to recombinations and beneficial mutations that have accumulated; slow change Mutations mostly harmful; result in no new traits; definite breeding gaps; no connections between kinds.
2. Classification Similarities are basis of grouping; due to supposed common gene pool of similar genes; supposed "history" of kinds. Fixity of kinds; no connections between distinct groups as due to persistence of basic characteristics due to varieties from different beginnings.
3. Comparative Form of anatomy The degree of similarity is basic for degree of relationship; common gene pool, supposed common ancestry No real connection of kinds; similarities could be due to common plan by Creator God; consistence of master plan pressed.
4. Comparative Embryology Similarity of structure is result of genetic relationship, supposed common gene pool, supposed common ancestry. No real connection of kinds; similarities could be due to common plan by Creator God; consistence of master plan pressed.
5. Geographic Distribution Supposed descent with change due to modified environments Barriers, breeding resulted in centers of population growth; no new kinds; continental drift idea could be relevant
6. Fossil Evidences Presumably successive layers provide evidence of succession of life forms; so-called "actual history" of related organism groups. Definite gaps between kinds, no intermediate forms; no real geological column; world-wide flood possible cause; n.b. living fossils = fixity of kinds.
7. Dating Estimates Data interpreted to mean long ages based on certain assumptions of constant decay rate, no contamination. Use radiometric, non-radiometric estimates plus geological column. Radiometric dating assumptions are erroneous; evidences of young earth noted; rapid burial, likely; Catastrophism


Other Differences



1. Local flooding occurred; no global flood 1. Global flood occurred during Noah's time
2. Man evolved from apes 2. Adam created from the dust of the earth by God
3. Humans evolved millions of years after dinosaurs 3. Dinosaurs and humans created the same day and lived at the same time.  Some may still be alive today.
4. First humans were asexual 4. Adam and Eve created as separate sexes
5. Earth started off as hot gases 5. Earth started off as water
6. Universe billions of years old 6. Universe a few thousand years old from Earth's perspective (click here and here to see how God's stretching of the universe may have given in the appearance of being billions of years old)
7. Universe evolved over billions of years 7. Universe created by God in six literal 24-hour days
8. Life evolved from dead chemicals 8. God created all life
9. Based on atheistic philosophies of naturalism and materialism.  A world view and man-made false religion 9. Based on the revealed Word of  God, and supported by honest science
10. Big bang resulted in the order we see today 10. God created the ordered universe
11.  Dinosaurs evolved into birds Dinosaurs and birds are unique, with no common ancestors (see Refuting Evolution, Chapter 4- Bird Evolution?)

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