Are Hell and Hades real?  Have actual screams
from Hell been recorded?

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Screams from Hell

My wife recalled hearing a story when she was a child about Russian miners digging deep into the earth.  They allegedly lowered a microphone to  listen for the sounds of plate movements.  Instead, they claim to have heard screams from the tormented souls in Hades.  Some people have interpreted certain Bible verses to mean that Hades is located within the Earth itself.  However, I haven't studied this issue well enough to speak with any kind of certainty as to WHERE either Hades or Hell are located.  On thing is quite clear, though. That is that both Hades and Hell are real places where non-believers will experience torment and separation from God. 

Concerning the alleged screams from Hell recordings, this appears to be a clever hoax.  Still, just out of curiosity, I searched the internet looking for more information.  I found several links.  The link below was one of the better ones.

You can actually hear the alleged recording of these sounds from "Hell" at that link.  Caution: this recording may be a bit disturbing to young children so use discretion when allowing them to hear it.  This link was not provided to viewers of our web site because we believe it's an authentic recording of Hades.  There are good Biblical and scientific reasons to believe it is a hoax.  It could also be the result of a demonic deception, but that seems unlikely.   Still, hoax or not, there is some value in listening to it anyway.  If one wants to imagine what it might sound like to live in torment for all of eternity, listen to the 30-second clip and ponder on that thought.  It's a rather rude wake-up call when you listen to it with that purpose in mind.

For more information about Hades and Hell, and the recording of the alleged screams from Hell, the links below are recommended.  If you have a hard time believing that our loving God is really capable of sending non-believers to Hell for all of eternity, then you are encouraged to read the first two links below.  

Is there a difference between "Hades" and "Hell"

That is a matter that is still the subject of debate.  Some interpret the Bible to mean that Hades is a temporary place, that the lost (non-believers in Jesus) go to immediately after dying.  When the Earth is destroyed by God after His second coming, Hades will be destroyed along with it.  On the Judgment Day, the lost will then be thrown into the "lake of fire" which is Hell.  It is there they will spend all of eternity.  It is clear from the scriptures that in many instances where these words are used, both Hades and Hell are places of torment and suffering.  What I am personally not clear about (yet) is the physical location of Hades and Hell.

When doing a study of the difference between the two, it is suggested that the New American Standard (NAS) Bible be used instead of the King James (KJV).  The original scripture languages had different words for Hades and Hell, but the King James Bible translates them all as "Hell".  Therefore, if you look for "Hades" in the KJV, you won't find it.  The NAS does distinguish between the two so "Hades" can be found in the NAS version.

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