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Tips on writing a letter to the editor

We publish letters to the editor from young Earth Creationists that were sent to local (Columbus, Ohio area) newspapers. If you're a young earth creationist who submitted a letter that was not published in a Columbus, Ohio area newspaper, or who will be submitting one in the future, please send us a copy of it. If your letter was published, send it to us anyway. It may not appear on the newspaper's web site, or may disappear after a certain amount of time. We'll retain it most likely permanently (unless you request it be removed). Click here for instructions on how to submit your letters to us.


Date Paper Status Topic/Published Article Author Original
2/20/2004 CD NP Paranoid professors afraid of a close examination of evolution Robert Lattimer, Ph.D. Letter 
2/15/2004 CD P Intelligent Design / Creationism is not being taught in the Science Standards Patrick Young, Ph.D. Letter
8/27/2002  CPD NP Response to biased editorial by the Cleveland Plain Dealer Patrick Young, Ph.D. Letter
CD NP Evolution and Creation are both Religious in nature Mark Stewart Letter
2/16/2002 CD NP Evolution contributes little to real science Mark Stewart Letter


CD NP Evolution and creation are worldviews or paradigms Mark Stewart Letter
1/2002 CPD W Evolution is useless in the workplace Robert Garbe, R. Ph. Letter
1/6/2002 CD W Intelligent Design IS Science Patrick Young, Ph.D. Letter
11/28/2001 SNP P Boycott organizations involved in anti-Christian activities Letter
10/7/2001 CD NP Dispatch Science Reporter's Article on Whale Evolution Inaccurate Dr. Patrick H. Young Letter
9/19/2001 SNP P Origin of life debate pits one religion against another Letter
10/6/2000 CD ? Evolutionary indoctrination does occur in the schools Rick Strange Letter
10/4/2000 CD ? William Kirwan's article shows lack of research David L. Bump Letter
10/4/2000 CD ? Evolutionism is causing cultural disarray Rick Strange Letter
8/14/2000 CD NP Evolutionists are the bigots Jon E Ditmars, Sr. Letter
8/11/2000 CD NP Evolutionist's win in Kansas through misinformation   Letter
5/7/2000 CD NP Students should hear all sides of the issue Mark Stewart Letter
2/19/2000 SNP NP Baillieul defines "macroevolution" incorrectly Frank Vosler Letter
2/10/2000 CD P Evolutionary theory violates many laws of science Rick Strange Letter
1/18/2000 CD NP Creationists usually win debates Paul G. McDorman Letter
1/18/2000 CD NP Atheism promoted by evolutionist author Letter
1/7/2000 CD P Polls show many people do not believe evolution Robert Brokaw Letter
12/6/1999 CD P Allow hearing both sides of evolution Hugh Miller Letter
11/9/1999 CD NP Dissenters ignored by Columbus Dispatch Letter
10/24/1999 CD NP Earliest known dinosaurs Hugh Miller Letter
10/10/1999 CD NP Evolutionists looking for a phantom Hugh Miller Letter
10/6/1999 CD NP Evolutionist bias at the Columbus Dispatch Annette Cross Letter
9/19/1999 CD NP Microevolution does not prove Macroevolution Letter
9/18/1999 CD NP Give equal time to Creationists Annette Cross Letter

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