Frequently Asked Questions about
Creation and Evolutionism

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  1. Did dinosaurs evolve into birds?

  2. Do mutations prove evolution is true?

  3. What are the mathematical improbabilities against evolution occurring?

  4. Do real scientists believe in creation?

  5. Evolution or Creation: What difference does it make?

  6. Is it true 81% of Americans favor allowing Creation to be taught in public schools? (Yes!) See also 50 surveys on creationism.

  7. Creation: 'Where's the Proof?'

  8. Are atheists and humanists using evolution to attack Christianity
    in the public schools?

  9. Do similarities between Human and Chimpanzee DNA prove evolution?

  10. Have any real missing links been found?

  11. Are there problems with radioactive dating methods?  

  12. Is evolution a religion?

  13. How long is a "day" in Genesis?

  14. Is there scientific foreknowledge in the Bible?

  15. What is "progressive creationism", and why is it a problem?

  16. What is "the gap theory", and why is it a problem?

  17. What is "theistic evolution", and why is it a problem?

  18. What are some of the evidences that the Earth is only about
    6,000 years old?

  19. Do Genesis chapters 1 and 2 contradict each other?

  20. Did God really take six 24-hour days to create the universe?

  21. Does the Bible teach that the earth was flat?

  22. What's the real story behind Galileo's persecution by the church?

  23. Where did Cain get his wife?

  24. How could all the events of the "4th Day" of creation be done in 24-hours?

  25. How could all the events of the "6th Day" of creation be done in 24-hours?

  26. What evidence is there in the fossil record for evolution or creation?

  27. Can we trust the drawings seen in textbooks of missing links?

  28. Did Stanley Miller's experiments prove life can evolve?

  29. Did the various languages "evolve"?

  30. Are Extraterrestrials and UFO's real?

  31. How does Creation square with Quantum Mechanics?

  32. Why is the Anthropic Principal evidence for Design?

  33. Walking with Dinosaurs series on the Discovery Channel: Fact or Fiction?

  34. Robert Ballard's discoveries in the Black Sea do NOT explain away Noah's flood

  35. The Bible says animals are to reproduce after their "kind". What is a "kind"?

  36. The evolution of Whales is a whale of a fairy tale

  37. What is the definition of Materialism?

  38. What is the definition of Naturalism?

  39. Do creationist scientists publish in notable refereed journals?

  40. Does the allegedly slow growth of stalactites and stalagmites prove the earth is older than 6,000 years?

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