You are blocked from accessing our web site

You reached this page because your IP address has been blocked from further access to this web site.  An IP (Internet Protocol) address is similar to a phone number.  It uniquely identifies you on the internet.  While you are logged onto the internet, nobody else in the world has your same IP address.  There are several reasons you may have been blocked from accessing our web site.  In some cases, the person being blocked is innocent of any abusive accesses to our web site (explained in more detail below).   Here are some of the most common reasons:

  1. Someone else engaged in abusive accesses, but you were blocked as a by-product of us blocking them.  Sometimes when we block them we block an entire range of addresses.  Occasionally that blocks out legitimate users in the same range who have not abused the site.  The reason we block ranges of addresses is because in some cases, IP addresses will change each time the person accesses the internet. If we block only a single IP address, the blocked person may gain access to our web site again by simply logging off of his dial-up connection, the dialing back in again.  Blocking a range prevents them from doing that in most cases.  But it unfortunately will keep legitimate users out in rare cases. 

  2. Your IP address used to belong to someone else who we blocked prior to you having that IP address.   Even with always on connections like Road Runner, IP addresses will sometimes change after a period of several months or years.  It is possible that you have inherited the IP address of someone else who was involved in abusive accesses of our web site in the past.  In some cases, your IP address will change every time you log onto the internet.  This is common with dial-up modem connections.  In other cases, your IP address will remain the same for months at a time.  This is common with high-speed connections like Road Runner.

  3. Your IP address was involved in abusive accesses of our web site.  Some of the more common examples include:

There are other abuses that can result in permanent blocking, this is just of the few most common ones. If you think you have been unfairly blocked please feel free to send us an e-mail explaining the situation.  If we agree that your IP address should be unblocked we'll usually get it done within 24-hours.  If you engaged in abusive accesses but didn't fully realize that what you were doing was inappropriate, and you'd like to talk to us about how to resolve the problem and get your access back, we would welcome an e-mail from you to discuss it further.


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