Physicist Dr. D. Russell Humphreys Radio interview on
Dr. Chuck Thurston's live Evidences radio program
August 8, 2002 at 7:00 PM EST

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Listen to an archive of this program: Listen to part 1 (34:20 minutes)
Listen to part 2 (35:07 minutes)

Dr. D. Russell Humphreys is a physicist who recently retired from Sandia National Laboratories where he was involved in cutting edge research on classified nuclear weapons projects. He is the author of the book Starlight and Time. He is also one of the scientists involved with the RATE project which is examining radioactive dating methods. Their scientific research is helping to prove that evolutionary dating methods that rely on radioactive dating is highly suspect. Dr. Humphreys was the featured guest on Dr. Chuck Thurston's live radio program Evidences on August 8, 2002.. This program aired locally in Columbus, Ohio on WRFD AM 880 radio. The topic for discussion included:

  • Scientific evidence the earth is near the center of the universe
  • Recent advances in RATE project (nuclear dating)
  • Origin and destiny of the magnetic field
  • Starlight and its relationship to time