Raelian cult
UFO cult claims to have cloned first human, and that
aliens used genetic engineering to create human life on earth

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A UFO cult called Raelian, which operates a human cloning company called Clonaid, has recently been in the national spotlight because of its unsubstantiated claims to have cloned the first human.  It was allegedly a baby girl named "Eve".  This cult claims to have 55,000 followers in 84 countries.  Some of the key tenants of its beliefs are that:

  1. Life on Earth is not the result of random evolution, nor the work of a supernatural God. It is a deliberate creation, using DNA, by a scientifically advanced people who made human beings literally in their image.

  2. They are direct decedents of aliens.  

  3. They claim the Bible refers to these aliens in Genesis as Elohim.

Intelligent Design (ID) - Competition for Christianity

Evolutionists and many in the Satan controlled liberal secular news media have been claiming that the recent efforts to have Intelligent Design included in the Ohio science curriculum was really Christian creationism in disguise.  We have been saying all along that was not the case, and this UFO cult is proof of that. The truth is that even if ID were mandated in Ohio public schools, Christianity would still need to compete with several other explanations of who or what the "intelligent designer" is.  Examples include:

So far we haven't seen this particular cult attempt to use the "Intelligent Design" movement to their advantage.  But based on what I've read about their beliefs, it appears that they could easily attempt to exploit ID their advantage. Answers in Genesis, the largest Creation organization in the world, warned us about this in this excellent article:


Christian response

Several web sites already exist that provide a Christian response to the Raelian cult and UFO cults in general.  Rather than to reinvent the wheel, we've put links to some of those sites below. 

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Cults and Modern-Day False Prophets

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