NBC News to feature the new Answers in Genesis
Creation Museum, March 25, 2005


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“The NBC Nightly News … with Brian Williams” will showcase AiG’s future Creation Museum on a nationwide news broadcast, Friday evening, March 25 (appropriately, this is Good Friday), 2005.

An NBC producer and video crew spent several hours at AiG a few days ago. The producer informs us that on March 25, the news segment will look at “vacation destination” possibilities for Christians. Even though the entire Creation Museum, located two exits west of the Cincinnati Airport, will not be open for at least two years (although initial sections will open later this year), the work already completed at the museum site—and with the heavy media coverage the museum has received worldwide—has prompted NBC to feature this national center.

Please forward this email to your pastor, church friends, family and others and let them know that AiG President Ken Ham and the museum will be on national TV on the evening of March 25 (check your local listings for the time in your area; schedule is subject to change). At the same time, let them know of our museum website, www.CreationMuseum.org (where they can see the museum progress).