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A is for Adam book In the style of D is for Dinosaur, Ken and Mally present the gospel in rhyme. ABC rhymes with full-color illustrations make this teaching book fun and exciting for kids of all ages. In the back of this book youíll find explanatory notes and creative ways to teach and explain the gospel to your children. Great for use in home school, Sunday school, or even family devotions. If you liked D is for Dinosaur, youíll love A is for Adam! $15.99
A is for Adam Video Ken and Mally Hamís popular book is now available on video and also for the hearing-impaired! Your children will love the animation that accompanies the A-Z rhymes. Children will learn the true history of the world from Creation to Christ to Coming Judgment. The gospel is clearly presented! This professionally produced video makes A is for Adam come alive! $5.00
D is for Dinosaur book Itís a rhyme/alphabet/coloring book for the whole family, teaching about Creation, the Fall, the Flood, salvation, the gospel, dinosaurs, and fossils. Thirty full-color illustrations. $12.99 (special)
The Great Dinosaur Mystery book This book contains all the information in the famous movie, The Great Dinosaur Mystery, plus much more! Were dragons dinosaurs? Were dragon legends stories of peopleís encounters with dinosaurs? Did dinosaurs go on the Ark? What happened to the dinosaurs? This colorful, large-format book is packed with exciting illustrations and information about dinosaurs and their environment.   $14.99
The Great Dinosaur Mystery Video A documentary film specially presented for children (suitable for use in public schools) that fascinates both children and adults with evidence that dinosaurs lived alongside people. Click on the icon below to watch this entire video right now (RealVideo - 21 minutes).

The Great Dinosaur Mystery Video

What really happened to the Dinosaurs book Beautifully illustrated, highly imaginative, What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? takes young readers on a pre-Flood journey through Godís Creation. Travel side-by-side with Tracker John and his pet dinosaur, DJ! Children will love the heart-warming story and fun-filled adventure! $8.99
Creation Magazine Gift Subscription Keep your family informed on the latest easy-to-understand evidences for creation and against evolution! This unique full-color family magazine gives God the glory, refutes evolution, and gives you the answers to defend your faith. Exciting articles and great witnessing material you wonít find
anywhere else! Includes a beautifully illustrated full-color childrenís section in every issue. Powerful ammunition to intelligently discuss nature, history, science, the Bible, and related subjects. Delivered to your home every three months!

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