Letter to the Editor of the Columbus Dispatch
Submitted August 14, 2000

Dear Editor,

Clarence Darrow, chief lawyer for the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial, said, "It is bigotry to teach only one theory of origins !" Yet, the Dispatch, NEA, National Academy of Science, and other humanist groups want only evolution taught dogmatically to our kids in the public schools. This is tantamount to brainwashing and violates our academic freedom ! The truth is that the Kansas School Board Science Standards changes were intended to prevent that evil, not stifle valid science.

Karl Popper, the leading science philosopher of the 20th century, wrote that "evolution is not a testable theory, but a metaphysical research programme ...". And, the NAS admitted that evolution is "transcendent to science", meaning that it transcends observable, testable science and requires faith. Evolution is a religious tenet of atheists, pantheists, and humanists of all sorts, including theistic evolutionists (an oxymoron).

Science is the search for truth made up of empirically verifiable facts. Microevolution, or what creationists call adaptationalism, is truly scientific, in this regard. But, macroevolution, which purports to tell us how life arose from molecules to man, cannot be observed or tested, and it is, thus, outside the realm of true science. That is why the NAS has finally admitted evolution is transcendent to science (beyond science, and in the domain of religion or myth).

I get tired of ill-informed journalists, biased scientists and others pretending they are defending science against the creationist zealots over evolution, when Darrow and top science philosophers (and now the NAS) acknowledge the truth about macroevolution. The dogmatic, militant evolutionists don't want any competition with their metaphysical (read religious) research program (as Popper describes evolution). It appears the evolutionists are being the bigots, not the creationists !

[Karl Popper quote from Intellectual Autobiography, in 2 The Philosophy
of Karl Popper, 134 (P Schilpp ed 1974)]

[The "transcendent" quote is taken from one of the National Academy of
Science publications in which they define science.]

[For more information about what the Kansas School Board really did (not as wrongly reported), see their National Committee for Excellence in Science Education website:
http://www.homestead.com/ncese under "Kansas Opportunities"]
(Editor's note: The NCESE web liste listed above no longer exists)

Jon E Ditmars Sr.
Columbus, Ohio