Dear Editor,

In a letter to The Dispatch on February 5, Thomas Baillieul asserts that to deny the theory of evolution is to deny all science. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, evolutionary theory contradicts the basic universally recognized laws of science. Specifically:

1. The Law of Causality - the universe did not cause itself.
2. The Law of Biogenesis - life does not evolve from non-life.
3. The Law of Genetics - living things only reproduce after their own species.
4. The Second Law of Thermodynamics - if left to itself, nature will
become chaotic; disorder will increase.

Actually, evolution requires more "faith" to believe than creation. Is a watch designed by a watchmaker, or did it evolve into its present complex functional state? Since neither evolution nor creation is measurable, observable, or repeatable (and thus not verifiable), neither can be put forward as true science. But observable facts like the designs inherent in nature and the fossil record better support the possibility of creation by an intelligent Creator than they do the random infinitesimally small processes that evolutionary theory requires. Therefore, creation is as valid as a scientific theory as evolution is.

Finally, some food for thought for Mr. Baillieul: How could random chaotic "mindless" forces acting alone have created a world with minds in it? Because we act with some intelligence we are forced to accept the overwhelming truth that we have an intelligent Creator who designed our existence and our ability to intelligently know our existence. Someone with a mind saying that mindless random forces caused minds to exist is basically throwing his mind away.

Rick Strange
Chillicothe, Ohio