Dear Editor,

On October 17, 1999, the Dispatch published an article titled "Fossil may exemplify birds' evolution from dinosaurs". In keeping with the evolution propaganda tradition at the Dispatch, no opposing views appeared in this article. Had any of the big league creation scientists been interviewed, they most likely would have said, among other things, that other evolutionary scientists would probably dispute these findings in a rather strong way. That is precisely what's been happening, but the Dispatch has not given even these opposing view evolutionists any space in its paper.

The most recent example of strong opposition to the whole dinosaur-to-bird hypothesis came from the Natural Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution. Their open letter to the scientists that were the subject of the Dispatch article can be viewed in its entirety at:

It seems clear that the Dispatch is not interested in doing serious reporting on the issue of evolution versus creationism. All the Dispatch seems interested in is promoting propaganda on behalf of evolutionists, and attacking creationists and conservative Christians in general whenever it gets the chance to do so.

From what I've seen over the years, many of the reporters at the Dispatch are highly talented. I and many others I know think it's about time they started acting like real reporters by giving some of the heavy-hitters on the creationists side the opportunity to present their side of the story.

Post-script: Not for publication

Because of the Dispatch's unwillingness to allow creationists the opportunity to present their view in an even-handed way, we are working with other Christian organizations in the area to get the word out that credible, opposing views do exist even if the Dispatch squelches them within the pages of its own paper. We have undertaken a few efforts.

1. The web page in my signature lines below was started primarily in response to the Dispatch's one-sided reporting on the creation/evolution issue.

2. We are one of two organizations airing creationism shows on Community 21 cable access. We've got a very good program airing this week that will only be on two more times before it stops running (it's already aired 4 times). The airing program dates/times can be found on our web site below.

Please do not misinterpret my strong comments as an attack on any one person at the Dispatch. Understand that I pray for all of you who believe in the religion of evolution. I know that a good number of the creation scientists who are so active today started off as militant evolutionists, teaching evolution at the high school or college level as if it were fact. It took most of them many years to be deprogrammed from their years of brainwashing in evolutionary theory from the public schools. While many of you may be strongly opposed to the creationists position on this, I suspect that if you looked at the evidence with an open mind, a good number of you would eventually realize that you've been duped by your public school education. So, I will continue to work hard against the Dispatch's propaganda campaign on behalf of evolutionists, but I'll also keep you all in my prayers.

Thank you for considering my comments.