Dear Editor,

Occam's Razor is the principal attributed to William of Occam (14th century) which states "that the simpler of competing views is more likely to be correct". It applies to the Creation vs. Evolution debate. Creation by Design, by an all knowing intelligence, with the world-wide Flood noted in Genesis and by Christ and Peter being part of that view is by far
the simpler of competing views.

The evidence for creation and the Flood is overwhelming from the fossil record alone. How do life forms become fossils? Why are they so well preserved? Life forms can only become fossils by being buried quickly i.e catastrophically by sediments carried by swirling, rapid moving waters, volcanism, mud slides, quick freezes, mineralization etc.--very simple, very logical, very scientific.

The above is confirmed in the article "Dinosaur fossils may be link in evolution" (Dispatch, , page 1A, 10/22/99) wherein the expedition leader to Madagascar is quoted as saying "the fossil record is incredibly poor.It is filled with big gaps".

Evolutionary scientists may find the fossil record poor because they are looking for "phantoms" or missing "links" between species; however the fossil record is abundant and fossils of all kinds of life forms are buried everywhere from a creationist-catastrophic view with the less mobile at the bottom of the fossil record.

Fossils include even footprints in rock of the more mobile dinosaurs and humans together such as found in and 9 feet above the famous Paluxy River, Glen Rose, Texas and the Kayenta Formation at Tuba City Arizona. A complete trail of 10 inch human footprints were uncovered inside 25 inch long dino ones just this past summer in the Paluxy river.

Simple radiocarbon dating of carbonized fossil wood from the same rock or clay formations reveal the prints were made but thousands of years ago. Even dinosaur bones from all over Western USA contain radiocarbon showing they were only thousands of years old when they met their "Waterloo".

Museums in Peru and Mexico contain burial stones, cloth and even clay figurines of dinosaurs that Nasca Indians etc. encountered "live' only as recently as 500 B.C.-500 A.D. according to archeological studies and radiocarbon dating. So much for dinosaurs becoming extinct 65 million years ago.

The study of origins is not complicated. The creation theory of Origins by God is very simple as God said it was in Genesis; so to believers in the "phantoms" of evolution we say come join us and have some fun before you cut each other up on Occam's Razor.

Hugh Miller

post script--not with letter

PS: I have tried repeatedly to get letters into the Dispatch on the subject of evolution vs. creation over the past two years but they are never printed. I do thank you for printing some on family rail trips, on abortion and on politicians through the years. For the record the above letter content is first hand--I've written several technical papers which have been presented at conferences and have personally led several expeditions (1982-1989) to Texas where we as a team have found dinosaur and human footprints together & even evaluated a handprint in the Paluxy cretaceous rock that proved genuine and was part of a trail of human footprints 16 inches long above the Paluxy. You can view the casts of many fossil human footprints we have in our collection. I was co-chairman of a technical conference at the Fawcett Center May 8th of this year and arranged for most of the speakers. I have met or talked with Dave Lore and gave him information that helped him in some of his columns. I have been in research for many years at Battelle and am now semi-retired (BS In chemistry having graduated from OSU in chemistry, 1953.) I believe your readers have a right to the above information and I would happily supply you with the sources and documentation if you but ask. Thank you!