Dear Editor,

Viewpoints by clergy in the article from Colorado Springs on "Evolution vs. Creation" (Faith and Values section, 10-8-99) varied from a literal interpretation of the "Creationist Account" in Genesis to downright ridicule of that account to the belief that "Ultimately God created everything. How God did it is up for debate".

Almost never does the media give a balanced presentation of the evidence for creation and against evolution. To get a true balance one must read books like, "Refuting Evolution" by Jonathan D. Sarfati, Ph.D, F.M. or "Creation Rediscovered" by Australian Gerard J. Keane both just out this year.

In the other article, "Evidence favors evolution, scientists say", primarily quotes a high school teacher from Kansas who suggests "The moment you invoke a supernatural power" he said, "you're moving out of the natural world and into the supernatural, and out of the realm of science", Teachers are "not asking people to believe evolution," Bingham said, "just to understand it as a process that helps us understand the diversity of life on earth". Just how do you understand a "process" when there is insufficient evidence for its existence?

Now let's hear it from another scientist and well known professor of genetics who's an ocean away with the Polish Academy of Sciences. In his conclusion to his forward to the book "Creation Rediscovered" Dr. Maciej Giertych says, "A whole age of scientific endeavor was wasted searching for a phantom. it is time we stopped and looked at the facts. Natural sciences failed to supply any evidence for evolution. Christian philosophy tried to accommodate this unproven postulate of materialist philosophies. Much time and intellectual effort went in vain, leading only to negative moral consequences. It is time those working in the humanities were told the truth"---"Keane's book is doing just that".

Now I understand what evolutionary "science" is all about - evolutionists are looking for a "phantom" and want the clergy to forget God and help them find it.

Hugh Miller