Dear Editor:

The Dispatch has seriously embarrassed itself in it's latest attempt to attack Christians with it's ongoing evolutionist propaganda campaign. The latest instance of the Dispatch shooting itself in the foot came from the article titled, "Scientists see evolution progress among bacteria".

The article said that "biologist Richard Lenski has seen bacteria evolve for more then 20,000 generations, repeatedly adapting to changes in their little test-tube kingdoms."

This article mocked Creationists, and said that these bacteria studies are supposed to be proof of evolution. Well, the little guys had 20,000 opportunities to evolve into a higher species. Did any of them grow a little bacteria tail? How about an eyeball? Did any of them
start flying out of their test-tubes with their newly formed bacteria wings? How many developed little bacteria feathers, or sprouted new legs? After 20,000 opportunities to evolve into something higher, there was still nothing but bacteria in the test tubes.

The only things these scientists observed were mutations within a "kind" and natural selection. Creationists and evolutionist agree that both occur in nature. The bacteria being observed already had within their genetic make-up the ability to adapt the way they did. No new information was added to their DNA. What these experiments actually proved was that evolution to higher species does not occur.

Because the Dispatch seems to have declared war on Christians concerning this issue, and because they are unwilling to allow any big name Creationists to have equal time in their paper, other steps need to be taken to counter the Dispatch's blatant evolutionary propaganda. Starting early in October, I will be airing several videos on Community 21 that deal with the evolution Creationism issue from both scientific and Biblical perspectives. Watch them and see for yourself how the Dispatch and others have been misleading you all along on this issue.