What you can do about the Columbus Dispatch's  
highly biased reporting on 
a) creation versus evolutionism
b) Critical Analysis of Evolution

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If you are among the many Christians who live in the Columbus, Ohio area that would like to see far more balanced reporting by the Columbus Dispatch on the issue of creation versus evolution, and regarding the Critical analysis of evolution issues the Ohio State Board of Education is dealing with, then we have some suggestions for you to consider. Like us, many Christians have noticed that the Dispatch provides many opportunities for evolutionists (most of whom are atheists or agnostics) to tell their side of the story, but severely limits opportunities for
young earth creationists to present an opposing view. This is especially true of the "Insight", "Opinion" and "Faith and Values" sections of the Dispatch. So how can you make a difference?

  1. Write letters to the editor to the Dispatch expressing your displeasure with their obviously biased reporting. Even if they don't print them, you're still putting pressure on them to start allowing our side of the story to be heard by those who can tell it the best (creation scientists). Send copies of it to several people at the Dispatch.  May we suggest that you pray before sending a letter to the Dispatch or calling them. Make sure you're being a good ambassador for Christ, and that you are approaching them with a right heart. If you are angry, perhaps it would be best to wait until you've cooled off before calling or writing them.

  2. Call the editors and reporters at the Dispatch whenever you see an unbalanced report and express your dismay with with their censorship of the young earth creationist position in their paper. If they start getting hundreds of these calls every time they print a one-sided article for the evolutionists, perhaps they'll be forced to quit ignoring us. Get your entire church organized to do this in unison and we may finally start getting some results.

  3. If you're a young earth creationist who's sent the Dispatch a letter to the editor, and the Dispatch didn't print it, send a copy to us. We will publish it in its entirety at this link. See Instructions for submitting letters for more details.

  4. Tell others about this web site and the ones on our links page. Actively promote them in your church and school. Make your friends, associates and family aware of the fact that they can get their letters published on our site even if the Dispatch won't publish them. Let them know they can find an opposing view to most of the Dispatch's one-sided reporting on this site.

  5. Read the responses we publish on our web site to their pro-evolution articles. At the bottom of each article will be e-mail addresses and phone numbers of who to contact at the Dispatch to express your concern about their biased reporting. We don't yet have this information available on the older articles, but we'll start including it on all the new responses.

  6. Pray for the editors and reporters at the Dispatch who promote the false religion of evolution, that God will help lead as many of them as possible to the truth.

  7. Consider canceling your subscription to the Dispatch in protest.  If you do this, make sure to call their Editorial staff to let them know why you're doing it.  Encourage others you know to do the same until they end their biased approach to reporting on this and others of issues of concern to Christians and honest science.

He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both [are] abomination to the LORD.
Proverbs 17:15