Information about the Christian Science cult

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Identifying and Dealing with the Cults audio tape series
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Identifying and Dealing with the Cults audio series)

See these Links: Suffering Children and the Christian Science Church - (from the Atlantic Monthly)
  The Anti-Christian Unscientific Cult by Dean Robinson
Definition of a "cult": #1 Any group that deviates from orthodox Christianity as revealed in the Bible, incarnated in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, proclaimed by the Apostles and adhered to by the historic creeds of the church. (1)
  #2 A Group of people who gather around some particular person's interpretation of the bible and/or life. (1)
Footnote #1 -: From Dr. J. L. Williams book "Identifying and Dealing With the Cults". This book is accompanied by an excellent 12-pack audio cassette tape series that deals with several aspects of the cult issue. The book and audio tapes can be ordered by calling 1-888-PRAY NDI (772-9634). Visit their web site at for more information.