Religious/Scientific Bigotry in the Public
 Schools and Scientific careers

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Dr. Robert V. Gentry

Dr. Gentry files lawsuit on September 2002 over censorship

Former Guest Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Atomic Energy Commission. After he presented scientific evidence for creation in a high-profile court case, his contract with Oak Ridge was not extended, this in spite of the fact that he was viewed as a leading authority in the world on polonium halos. See his web site at Earth Science Associates. Dr. Gentry is also featured in a video titled, "The Case for Creation".

Teacher removed from biology classroom for challenging evolutionism

Rodney LeVake is a Christian biology teacher in Minnesota whose ‘crime’ was simply to expose his students to some of the scientific flaws in evolution. He did not even teach creation but merely brought up problems with evolution. His punishment was removal from his high-school biology classroom (to teach the ‘safer’ subject of general science).  See

Teacher calls student "ignorant" for belief in creation

"All through high school, evolutionist doctrines have been crammed down my throat, and my belief in the Lord Jesus Christ has been ridiculed without respite. The pinnacle of these attacks occurred about a week ago, when I was discussing the science of special creation with one of my friends. A passing educator overheard the conversation and told me that I was "ignorant," and that evolution was an undisputed fact." See Teacher calls student "ignorant" for believing in Creation!

Dr. Kevin Haley, Biologist at Central Oregon Community College

Dr. Kevin Haley told AiG that in his classrooms he criticized the theory of evolution by pointing out its difficulties. Nevertheless, this method of instruction led his dean to decide not to renew his contract for the next academic year. The dean's letter to Dr. Haley, however, was not specific at all in its reasons for his dismissal. For more details, see College instructor who refused to teach evolution as fact is dismissed! According to this Legal Opinion from the Christian Law Association, it is quite likely that he was acting well within the law and there was no real grounds for his dismissal. 

Dr. Jerry Bergman - dismissed from Bowling Green State University in Ohio several years ago for his creationist beliefs. Dr. Bergman is the author of a book that chronicles several cases of religious bigotry in colleges and high schools. The book is no longer in print, but you may be able to get a copy from buying info: The criterion : religious discrimination in America. Dr. Bergman is also featured in a video titled, "The Case for Creation".

Revolutionary Atmospheric Invention by Victim of Anti-creationist Discrimination
... Scientific American refused to hire him when they found out that he was a creationist, although they admitted that his work was 'fabulous', 'great' and 'first rate'. Mims' invention is further confirmation of his ability. But no matter what one's scientific ability, denying the modern-day religion of evolution is heretical enough to justify discrimination.

Religious bigotry in West Virginia?
Karl Priest, the area's most vocal creationist, correctly noted that the ACLU's statement demonstrates religious bigotry. Priest said that his desire was to get books with the least amount of scientific errors in the hands of the students.

"One of the most astonishing characteristics of scientists is that some of them are plain, old-fashioned bigots. Their zeal has a fanatical, egocentric quality characterized by disdain and intolerance for anyone or any value not associated with a special area of intellectual activity."

Bigotry In Science
Scientists are fallible, sinful human beings, just like everyone else. Often they are downright bigoted, especially when asked to consider a concept outside their naturalistic worldview. Their process of "peer review" screens out all other worldviews and any data which support them.


Chemistry teacher resigns amid persecution

Jefferson High School (in Indiana, USA) falsely accused chemistry teacher Dan Clark of introducing 'religion' into the classroom because he invited AiG speaker Geoff Stevens to address his class on "The Nature of Science Regarding Origins". Without mentioning ‘religion,’ and covering with masking tape any mention of ‘God’ or ‘God’s Word’ on all of his overhead transparencies, Geoff demonstrated ‘operational’ science to the students by conducting an experiment on making hydrogen.  He also discussed the current findings of ‘information science,’ which show that coded information (such as is contained in our DNA) cannot arise from matter by itself. See

Roger DeHart, High School Biology Teacher

"If something in science suddenly becomes so sacrosanct that you can't question it, then it ceases to be science," he said. "And I really think that's what's become of Darwinism." See Anti-creationists threaten another teacher's liberty.

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