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1.  Apollo 8 astronauts quote the book of Genesis while circling the moon
2. Cosmology and Red Shift - Dr. Robert Gentry 
3. Cults - Identifying and Dealing with Cults tape series 
4. The Myth of the Separation of Church and State - David Barton 
5. Dr. Morrow, an evolutionist, comments on the flaws with evolution 
6. 3/11/2002 panel discussion of Intelligent Design for the OSBE
7. Polonium 218 halos, proof of creation?  - Dr. Robert Gentry radio interview 
8. Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth - radio interview of Dr. D. Russell Humphreys 
9. Starlight and Time - Dr. D. Russell Humphreys radio interview 
10. 4/11/2000 oral testimony before the OSBE 

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Apollo 8

apollo8a.jpg (19095 bytes)  apollo8b.jpg (19916 bytes)

These audio files are from the Apollo 8 mission as it came around from behind the far side of the moon on Christmas Eve, December 24, 1968.  Contrast what you will hear in these clips with the evolutionism propaganda coming from NASA today to see just how far NASA has strayed from the truth.  They continue to waste millions of our tax dollars searching for the origins of life, how the universe began and life on other planets.  The answers to these questions have been right under their noses the whole time in God's Holy Word, the Bible. God warned us almost 2,000 years ago that the myth of evolutionism would be prevalent in the last days.  Creation and evolution are completely incompatible in spite of the well intended, but misguided efforts of many Christians to compromise with it. For more information about just how anti-Biblical NASA as an organization has become, see NASA's AGENDA: Promoting Copernicanism & Evolutionism.  For more information on how God may be reacting to NASA's offenses, and the myriad of other ways our nation is on the fast track to forgetting our Christian roots, see Is America being chastised by God?

Apollo 8 quote from Genesis
(audio only) (WAV file - Time=115 seconds)

Apollo 8 quote from Genesis (small video - .MOV file 2400 kb)

Apollo 8 quote from Genesis (large video - .MOV file 40 mb)

  Apollo 8 prayer (Time=28 seconds)


Cosmology and Red Shift - Dr. Robert Gentry  

On Monday, May 7, 2001, Dr. Robert Gentry (Nuclear Physicist) was interviewed by Dr. Charles Thurston (an emergency room physician) on his radio program EvidencesEvidences airs live in Columbus, Ohio on WRFD, AM 880 every Monday from 7:00 - 8:30 P.M. EST.  The main topic for discussion was Cosmology and interpreting red shift.  Dr. Gentry also talked about the problems he has been facing trying to get his ten most recent papers published (because of the harm they will do to evolutionism).  For more information about this interview, see this link.

Interview with Dr. Gentry - Part 1 (30:36 minutes)
Interview with Dr. Gentry - Part 2 (29:58 minutes)



Cults - Identifying and Dealing with them  (more info) 

Title Side 1 Side 2
1. An introduction to cults
Overview of pre and post-1960 cults.  Statistics on cult memberships, and who they target.  Defines difference between cults and the occult.
29:54 mins. 25:19 mins.
2. A Biblical Perspective of Cults
Biblical advice on spotting false prophets.  Satan the master counterfeiter.  Don't blame demons for everything. Covert verses overt cults.
29:43 mins. 25:27 mins.
3. Reasons for the Growth of Cults
11 reasons why cults are growing, including spiritual ignorance, ignorance of the Bible, church not doing its job, dead orthodoxy, cultic emphasis on doctrines the real church mistakenly fails to address, breakdown of the home, etc.
29:52 mins. 25:41 mins.
4. How Cults Misuse the Bible
Discusses the 1st of 12 signs that a group is a cult.  This tape deals with how cults add or subtract from revelations made in the Bible. Virtually all cults have this problem in some way. Examples of cults that have entire written books they claim is equal to or greater than the Bible include the Mormons, The Way International, the Unification Church (Moonies), Urantia, Hinduism,  Islam and the Jehovah's Witnesses.
29:58 mins. 25:56 mins.
5. The Other Jesus of Cults
Discusses the 2nd of 12 signs that a group is a cult.  This tape deals with how cults mislead their followers about who Jesus Christ really is.  Virtually all cults get this issue wrong.  This is by far the most serious problem with cults because it leads their followers away from a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
30:00 mins. 23:06 mins.
6. Cult Leaders and the Holy Spirit
Discusses the 3rd of 12 signs that a group is a cult.
30:53 mins. 25:45 mins.
7. Other Marks of Cults
Discusses the 4th through of 12th signs that a group is a cult.
29:47 mins. 25:16 mins.
8. People who Are Vulnerable to Cults
Several statistics on who's most vulnerable and why.  Eleven ways to avoid being vulnerable.
(High school and college students and parents of these students should listen to tape #8 first)
29:46 mins. 24:47 mins.
9. Cult Techniques of Manipulation & Mind Control
Although this tape does not address evolution, you will see many similarities between how cults indoctrinate their members and how the public school system force-feeds atheistic evolutionism to our young people today, often against the wishes of many parents and students.
29:53 mins. 23:10 mins.
10. Scars From Cultic Involvement
15 emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical scars from cultic involvement.
30:02 mins. 29:53 mins.
11. Witnessing to People in Cults 30:01 mins. 25:31 mins.
12. How to Test the Spirits 29:52 mins. 22:00 mins.




David Barton - The Myth of the Separation of Church and State   

America's Founding Fathers (side 1) (Time=28:31 minutes)
America's Founding Fathers (side 2) (Time=26:33 minutes)



Evolutionist Dr. William Scot Morrow  

Dr. Morrow comments on the flaws in evolutionary theory.

His comments. (2:49 mins)


Intelligent Design - Panel Discussion with the Ohio State Board of Education on March 11, 2002
The State Board of Education's (SBE) Standards Committee held a meeting on March 11 to listen to a discussion about what role Intelligent Design theory should have, if any, in Ohio's science education standards.  Click here to listen to audio clips.



Polonium 218 Halos - Dr. Robert Gentry

Dr. Robert Gentry is a nuclear physicist who worked 13 years for the Oakridge National Laboratory as a guest scientist. During the time he worked there, he was recognized as the world's leading authority in his area of research. It is interesting to note that when he began his research, he was an evolutionist. Today, Dr. Gentry is a fully convinced young earth creation scientist.  Audio files are from a radio interview he did on April 25, 2000.

Entire Interview - Part 1 (46 minutes)
Entire Interview - Part 2 (16 minutes)

Smaller sound file excerpts of this interview are available at this link.


Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth - Radio interview of Dr. D. Russell Humphreys

On Monday, May 21, 2001, Dr. D. Russell Humphreys was interviewed by Dr. Chuck Thurston in a live radio program called Evidences.  The primary topic of discussion was the recent research done by a group of creation scientists to measure radioactive decay rates. The results of this research are documented in the book above titled Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth.  For more information, click here.

Click here to listen to part 1 (33:19 minutes)
Click here to listen to part 2 (34:28 minutes)



Starlight and Time - Dr. Russell Humphreys

Dr. Russell Humphreys interview addressing the issue of how the universe can be only 6,000 years old, but starlight is millions of light years away.

Part 1 (29:33 minutes)
Part 2
(35:57 minutes)



Testimony before the Ohio State Board of Education

Testimony from creationists and evolutionists concerning the 12th Grade Proficiency tests which put blatant evolutionism into the testing standards.

Dr. Joseph Francis - Biologist (9:10 mins.) (Creationist)
(presented by David Guthrie, age 15)
Joseph Guthrie - Senior Chemist (6:27 mins.) (Creationist)
William Hunmon - President, Ohio Academy of Science ( 5:23 mins.) (Evolutionist)
Hugh Miller - Senior Chemist (11:04 mins.) (Creationist)
Mary Stout - Teacher (9:19 mins.) (Unknown)


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