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PBS Evolution series Viewers Guide 
(opposing views to the series)

This viewers guide is an in-depth analysis, and opposing views of the PBS series titled Evolution that will air September 24 - 27.  For more information about this guide, see Get your PBS "Evolution" series viewers guide here

Download the Viewers Guide


Background on the policies of the 
Ohio State Board of Education

Due to the fact that there are a record number of new legislators in the Ohio General Assembly this session, who will not be familiar with the past practices and policies of the Ohio Dept. of Education, I have prepared a notebook binder of material to provide necessary background information for HB1 and SB1. This is a Rich Text (RTF) document that is 63K in size.
From Melanie Elsey


Dr. Robert Gentry's Research Papers

For more info, see Dr. Robert Gentry, Nuclear Physicist

Title   Abstract   PostScript   PDF
The New Red shift Interpretation Affirmed (10/26/1998)   Abstract   30K   80K
A New Red shift Interpretation (6/20/1998) (1)   Abstract   37K   95K
The Genuine Cosmic Rosetta (6/14/1998)   Abstract   34K   86K

Footnotes: 1. This article was published in Modern Physics Letters 
A, vol. 12, No. 37 (1997) pp. 2919-2925. 


Bumper Stickers you can print

Rich Text Document BumperStickers.doc.


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