Written Testimony given to the the Ohio Board of Education prior to March 4, 2000 concerning the
12th Grade Proficiency tests


When the OBE was accepting comments from the public concerning the 12th Grade Proficiencies, they publicly set a cut-off date of February 29, 2000. However, they continued to accept written statements for a few more days after that. They collected 120+ written comments from the public concerning the 12th Grade Science Proficiencies. We have requested copies of all these comments. We don't have the time to get them all published on this web site, but we are going to look through them and put the more interesting ones on this page. We also going to see if there were any additional trends within the comments that were not yet reported upon by the OBE. We will not be publishing any identifying information such as names, addresses, etc. of those who sent the comments to the OBE. However, we may publish other information about them (i.e. Biologist, evolutionist, any organization they represent, etc.). We hope to start putting this testimony on this web page by April 14, 2000.

UPDATE: We still have not recieved any of this information as of 4/17. Will follow-up with the SBE to request it again.

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