Paul McDorman's testimony to the Ohio Board
of Education on March 7, 2000

  Good Morning. My name is Paul McDorman, I am a Senior Chemist in Cincinnati. I am here to urge the Board not to adopt any language in the proficiency tests now or in the future that would imply dogmatism to the validity of the theory of evolution. I am for the teaching of evolution, but I am opposed to teaching of it as fact. As we know, the history of scientific thought is full of ideas that had to be scrapped or greatly modified. The history of science will show these plainly.

For example, ideas about evolution are not immune to this idea either. Piltdown ... , for example, lasted from 1912 to 1953. Scientists were sure that this was a true fossil, but it was proved to be false as you all know. Nearly all the scientific evidence submitted by evolutionists at the Scopes Trial has now been shown to be false -- another incidence where history has shown that science changes, as it should. From 1922 to 1927, a tooth that was found in Nebraska was claimed to be that of ape man. Then it was discovered to be a tooth of an extinct pig.

In 1984, authorities had to cancel a three day symposium on the discovery of a skull cap dubbed horse man because it was discovered that it belonged to a four month old donkey. More recently, a famous horse evolution series that we've all seen in the textbooks has been for many years thought to have been true, but now according to the data, it is much more complicated than thought.

And even more recently, we have seen that the peppered moth example that was in almost all textbooks has been actually faked. The moths were glued to the bark of the trees and the birds were from the laboratory. The moths don't even live in the trees in the daytime. The most recent example is the feathered dinosaur bird that we've seen out of China. This too has been shown in recent news reports to have been a fake.

This list could go on and on. The biogenetic law, for example, you've heard taught in almost all textbooks - college and high school - talks about recapitulation. This has been shown to be false. There have been over 100 vestigial organs cited to be remnants of evolutionary history. All but a few now have been discarded and no longer count as truth or fact.

So I am here to urge the Board not to adopt any language that would imply dogmatism in any particular theory. The nature of science is that it changes and that's the way it should be. Thanks.

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