State Board of Education Leadership Reverses Decision

Date Sun, 8 Sep 2002 213421 EDT
Subject State Board Leadership Reverses Decision


To all

Within 24 hours of making a last minute change to move up the vote on the Ohio Science Standards, the leadership of the State Board of Education has reversed its decision!! Possibly recognizing the public relations nightmare being created, President Sheets has restored the process to the original schedule.

At this point it is expected that the Standards Committee will make a formal recommendation for the full board to consider the standards in a vote of intent at the October 15, 2002 meeting. Anyone wishing to testify this month may do so within the nonagenda portion of the board meeting.

I would encourage citizens who are concerned about this issue to plan to attend and/or testify at the October 15th meeting. More details will be provided later. Calls should also continue to Governor Taft [614-466-3555], as well as brief, but well thought out letters to local community newspapers. I will provide a summary of the board's meetings later in the week.

Respectfully submitted,

Melanie Elsey