Some science organizations that are opposed to the 
Critical Analysis of Evolution
in Ohio's new science 
standards falsely claim to be religiously neutral

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The Ohio state board of education recently adopted as part of their new science standards a Critical Analysis of Evolution.  This particular section of the new standards allows students to see some of the scientific evidence against biological macroevolution.   Predictably, some so called "science" organizations have come out in strong opposition.  They pretend to be religiously neutral, while at the same time making false claims that this section of the new standards is religion in disguise.  We should also not be surprised if biased media outlets like the Columbus Dispatch also make this same false claim as they have done in the past.

Evolutionism is itself a false religion that is rooted in the atheistic philosophies of naturalism and materialism.  Because these so called science organizations are themselves deeply involved in promoting atheism and humanism disguised as science, they have no right whatsoever to complain even if these new standards were religious in nature (they are not).  One organization that recently came out in opposition to the new critical analysis of evolution is the National Academy of Sciences (NAS)See this link for an explanation of why this group should be highly suspect in terms of their claims of religious neutrality.  While we haven't yet seen a public statement by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), given their past track record, it's probably just a matter of time before they too come out in strong opposition.  See this link for more information on the NCSE's hidden humanist, atheistic agenda.


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